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Monday 12.19.16 Workout of the Day

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“12 Days of Christmas”

For Time:

1 Burpee

2 Pull-Ups

3 Power Snatch S(75/55) RX(95/65) RTG(115/75) RTF(135/95)

4 Air Squats

5 Toes to Bar S(Knees to Chest)

6 Box Jump Overs S(20/16) RX(24/20)

7 Push Press S(75/55) RX(95/65) RTG(115/75) RTF(135/95)

8 Butterfly Sit Ups

9 KB Swings S(44/26) RX(53/35) RTG(70/44)                      

10 Hand Release Push Ups S(No HR)

11 Slams S(25/15) RX(30/20) RTG(40/30) RTF(50/40)

12 Thrusters S(75/55) RX(95/65) RTG(115/75) RTF(135/95)


WOD Tips:

-This is a long workout.  Last year’s times ranged from 25-35 minutes.  Try to pick an appropriate scale that will allow you to finish in under 35 minutes and pace this workout from the beginning so you don’t hit a wall too early.  You will be doing the most reps of the exercises in the middle such as toes to bar, box jump overs, push press, and butterfly sit ups, so factor that in to the weights and scales that you choose.  You should be using the same weight for the 3 barbell movements (power snatch, push press, and thrusters) so use the push press as the determining factor since that one will require the most reps. 

-This workout is listed as 1 round but it is actually 12 rounds and goes just like the 12 days of Christmas song.  Round 1 will be 1 burpee.  Round 2 will be 2 pull ups and 1 burpee.  Round 3 will be 3 power snatch, 2 pull ups, and 1 burpee.  This will continue until the final round which starts with the 12 thrusters and ends with the 1 burpee.