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Monday 12.12.16 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit Week of WODs are HERE

BeachFit Week of WODs are HERE


Strength/Skill Work:

Snatch (Squat) 3 Reps @ 60%, 3 Reps @ 65%, 3 Reps @ 70%, 3 Sets of 3 @ 75%


4 Rounds For Time: (14 Min Cap)
10 Ring Dips S(10 Push Ups) RTG(5 Ring Muscle Ups)
10 Squat Snatches S(75/55) RX(95/65) RTG(115/80)
15 Box Jump Overs S(Step Ups) RX(24/20)


WOD Tips:

-The snatches in the strength/skill work should be performed as singles dropping from the top.  These should be moderately heavy but not to the point of failure.  You should be able to move well and focus on technique.

-Uppercut will combine some 2 tough movements with the ring dips/muscle ups and the squat snatch.  You should be able to do the first set of ring dips/push ups/muscle ups unbroken.  If not, cut down your reps to an amount that you can do unbroken.  For the squat snatches, the weight should be light enough that you could string together the first round unbroken when fresh.  Most likely, you will want to break up each set into 5 and 5 or possibly even fast singles.

-The 14 min cap allows for about 3-4 minutes per round, so scale this one appropriately to finish under the cap.