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Monday 1.1.2018 New Years Day WOD

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Happy New Year! Holiday Hours!

CrossFit WOD:

7, 8, 9, 10 AM CrossFit

Strength/Skill Work:

4 Rounds (10 Min Cap)
5 Mixed Grip Pull ups w/ 5 sec hold above bar S(2-4 Reps/Banded)
70’ HEAVY D-Ball/Sandbag Carry
-Rest 2 Minutes After Each Round-

2 Rounds For Time: (20 Min Cap)
50 Kettlebell Swings S(44/35) RX(53/44) RTG(70/53)
40/30 Cal Row S(30/25 Cals)
30 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX(20/14) RTG(30/20)
20/15 Cal Bike

WOD Tips:
-The strength/skill work will be incorporating pull up holds today, which is a great way to get stronger for all kinds of pull ups and hanging movements, and will help
us to learn how to activate and engage our back/lats properly. Pick a number of reps that you believe you can stay consistent with across all 4 rounds, maintaining
the full 5 second hold above the bar. You will be switching your grip every round. For the D-Ball carry, the goal is to go heavier than you have done before. Typically
we carry the d-ball in longer distances with little to no rest, so challenge yourself today, since it is only 70’ at a time. You can start with a moderate weight for round
1, and then try to build with every set.
-“Swingers” is a moderate length conditioning piece that should take about 15 minutes to complete. The KB Swings are the meat of this workout, so be ready to
spend some time here and work methodically through these reps. Choose a weight that you could do 25+ reps unbroken when fresh. During the workout, sets of 10-
15 swings will be a good approach for most. The row will also take a big chunk of time so be ready to pace this out from the beginning. On the wall balls, we want
these to be on the heavier side, so choose a weight that will allow you to do consistent sets of 8-12 reps. Hold back a little on round 1 and then see if you can
maintain that pace or speed up slightly on the 2nd and final round.


BeachFit WOD:

8:15 and 9 AM BeachFit Only!

“ Leroy’s Hangover Cure”

For Time:

600 m RUN

30 Burpees 

Bike 1 mile 

600 Ski erg 

Bike 1 mile 

30 Burpees 

600m RUN

*40 seconds of Plank btwn movements* 

Time cap: 30 min