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June Athlete of the Month: Myunghee “Hanna” Van Gough

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Our Female Athlete of the Month for June is Myunghee “Hanna” Van Gough.  Hanna has only been in our BeachFit program for a year (somewhat short for an A.O.M. pick), but she’s absolutely crushing 2019 so far.  She has 135 check-ins for the year as of June 20th, and is on track to make our yearly Committed Club.  Hanna’s commitment to consistency and attention to nutrition since our in-house nutrition challenge has been the formula for her success. In 6 months, from January to June, Hanna lost 6% body fat. She lost almost 11 pounds while gaining a pound of muscle.  And she did all of this while being a mom to three kids.

Way to go Hanna!

We will let her tell you a little about herself and her BeachFit journey…

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a 43 years young, married mom of 3 children. Born and raised in Buchen, South Korea and I really enjoy cooking traditional Korean dishes.

I joined CrossFit Palm Beach almost a year ago mainly due to location and child care. What I remember most about when I first started was how friendly and helpful the coaches were. The nutritional challenge was a great way to learn how to eat healthy.

Favorite Motto?

You could say my motto is “Just breathe.”

What do you do when you don’t feel like going to the gym?

On days that I feel tired or sore or just lazy, I know that if I go, I will feel better after.  I always do. Seeing my new friends is also something I really look forward to.

What do you love most about BeachFit? 

What I love most is that it’s a quick workout with kind coaches who teach proper training.

I want to thank CrossFit for helping me on my journey, everyone has been so kind and helpful.