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January Athlete of the Month – Amy Mattessich

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CrossFit Palm Beach Athlete of the Month Questions


Congratulations, Amy for being chosen as our January athlete. Amy is a bright spot in the 8am CrossFit classes. You can also find her working out in our BeachFit morning classes. She is always friendly to new members and helps us welcome drop ins to even the busiest of classes. 

Tell us a little about yourself.  

I’m 50 years old, have been married for 23 years, have 4 kids, 22, 19, 17 & 15; who you have seen at CFPB roaming around with me!

What’s something about you thatothers may not know about you?  Any special talents, hobbies, or interests?

I have had 5 children in 7 years. Sadly we lost a baby boy at birth; but through his death, we were able to understand my health issues and were blessed with 3 additional children.

What do you like to do outside the gym?

 I love to spend time with my family on the water; it’s a beautiful place to escape!

When did you start CrossFit?  Why did you decide to join CrossFit at that time?  What do you remember most about when you first started?

About 8 years ago at a box in Wellington. I had taught fitness in NJ for over 17 years and wanted to try something different. I never realized how simple objects like balls, boxes and ropes could cause so much bodily harm!

What new beliefs, behaviors or habits have you a

dopted since you started Beachfit/Crossfit, that have most positively impacted your life?  

Crossfit is a marathon not a sprint. To go all out without proper coaching and or training can get you hurt real fast! You need to listen to your body and be smart in how you train. Good coaching is a must!

What has been your most memorable workout? 

The “Farmers 500” which was named after a member of a CF box in the Outerbanks. It’s 10 different movements at 50 reps/calories each. We did it in a box at the end of July with no air and 50-60 people; it was an hour workout!

Do you have a favorite quote or motto that you live by?

Philipppians 4:6-7 “ Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to GOD; and the peace of GOD, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”


Have you had any setbacks since starting CrossFit, what have you done to overcome them?

Shoulder stuff; I have very poor mobility in my shoulders and upper back with has lead to impingements in both shoulders. I go to PT with Dr. Jordan Zambrinskie. He in combination with Coach Andrew and Coach Steve has helped me with strength movements to rehab my shoulders.

What is the most worthwhile investment you have made since starting CF ?

Not to cherry pick workouts. To show up and try your best even when the workouts have all of your weaknesses in them. To take the extra time after a workout to work on your goats.

What do you do on days when you don’t “feel” like going to the gym, what keeps you motivated?

Honestly, I never think about not going to the gym. It’s a part of my day that is just mine. I know even on those days I don’t feel strong or capable of getting through the workout, the energy in the gym will help push me though. At 50 years old I know that I don’t function well if I don’t move my body actively in some way! I’m a better wife and mom when I take 60 minutes of my day for myself!

What do you love most about CrossFit Palm Beach?  

CrossFit Palm Beach was an answered prayer. We moved up to Tequesta 3 years ago and wanted to continue to do CrossFit. CFPB is so much more than just your ordinary CrossFit box. The goals I have achieved are products of the coaches who helped me achieve them. CFPB allows my family and me the opportunity to customize our workouts. We have the unique ability to do either BeachFit or CrossFit or both depending on how we feel that particular day. They continue to strive to better the facility and the staff they employ. But above all, CFBP has created a tight community of members who genuinely care about each other!

What have you become better at saying no to and/or what approaches work best for you?

I have learned to say “no” to pushing myself towards injury and have learned to say “yes” to pushing myself towards overall fitness.