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How to Stay on Track Over the Holidays

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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For our health and fitness during this time of year, it can be a struggle. The fight to keep off that Christmas cushion gets real. Your body can’t afford to wait until January 1st to put healthy choices into action.

What can we do to make better choices throughout this blur of parties and family time so that we come out the other side feeling healthy and ready to crush it in January? We want you to enjoy this festive season and never feel like you’re on a “diet”. You’re simply choosing to make slightly better choices, at each opportunity you get.

Here are our top tips for staying on track over the holiday season:

1.) Don’t skip meals to save calories.
Going into a party or meal starving is an easy way to set yourself up for going overboard. Spend your day eating high volume meals full of protein and lots of veggies so that you aren’t ravenous going into your party. Fats and carbs are easy and accessible, so you could minimize those before your event to allow more flexibility later. Higher protein meals will also help you feel full so you don’t pick at every plate you pass by.

2.) Bring something healthy that YOU would want to eat.
If you get to bring a dish, make it a healthy one. Get creative making a small bite platter using veggies and proteins, or a high-protein dip or hummus, etc. so that you know there will be healthier options there for you to snack on. Desserts can be made healthier using almond flour, coconut sugar, stevia, and maple syrup. Need a healthier version of the party dish you love…enter Pinterest.

3.) Go in with a game plan.
Plan to fill your plate with veggies as much as you can, don’t forget to add a palm-sized amount of protein, and then from there, you can add starchy carbs. Most holiday food will be higher fat, so no need to seek out an additional fat source. Eat slowly, drink lots of water, and start with the veggies and protein before you start attacking the carbs. After your first plate, if you are still hungry, drink another glass of water and wait 15 minutes before you decide to go back for seconds. Don’t shy away from eating dessert, but try to only choose what you really like and eat in moderation. Know that one little piece of dessert will not ruin all your hard work, but getting right back on your healthy lifestyle is important!

4.) Choose your alcohol wisely!
Often times when we chose to drink, we are setting ourselves up to make poor food choices as well. Try not to go overboard, and consume too many empty calories. Drink slowly, choose low to no sugar added drinks, and alternate alcoholic beverages with water. Go in with a plan and say I will only have X amount of alcoholic drinks at this party.

5.) Commit to showing up to CFPB the day after.
We have workouts 7 days a week so we’ll always have a workout waiting for you if you need one. Sometimes just knowing you’ll workout the next day will lead to one or two smarter choices. It also could encourage you to get to bed earlier. You don’t have to set new PRs, crush your workout, or let your workout crush you. Just come in, sweat, and have fun with friends.

And if you need extra help getting through the holidays from a coach, feel free to book a free 20-minute consult with me by sending an email to

Happy Holidays!

-Coach Danielle