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“How Do I Get My Stubborn Friend to Try BeachFit or CrossFit?”

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“How do I get my stubborn friend to try BeachFit or CrossFit?”

The answer: You don’t. At first.

What I’m trying to say is there’s so many ways you can help them start their health journey and connect with our community without even stepping foot in our gym.

“Did you know my gym has this great fitness podcast you can listen to with almost 70 episodes to choose from?”

“Did you know my gym has a blog and Youtube channel where they are posting helpful fitness and nutrition tips?

“Did you know my gym releases 3 workouts each week you can do at home called ‘BeachFit Remote?”

“Did you know my gym has a Community group and Nutrition group on Facebook where we share stories and recipes to help each other on our health journeys?”

…Did you guys know we have these things?

We create this free information for you guys, and it’s totally acceptable to share with friends and family.

If you have a friend who you’d like to join you in BeachFit or CrossFit, please feel free to invite them to our Facebook groups. We will approve them as long as they don’t look obviously sketchy.

Share an episode of our podcast with them. Our topics are suitable for gym veterans and total newbies. They cover life topics as well as fitness stuff. Episode 12 asks “Do I need to be in shape to start CrossFit?” Episode 65 tells you how to start a “Power List” and get the most out of every day. Episode 50 talks about the “Biggest Misconceptions of CrossFit”.

And if they are too intimidated to walk in the gym with you, offer to do a BeachFit Remote workout with them. All BeachFit Remote workouts are on SugarWOD but are also posted to our Youtube page. Go for the Youtube video cover photos and stay for the workouts. They’re worth the trip alone.

So what is the ideal way for my friend or family member to start?

Ideally, they call us at 561-676-3710 and set up a no-sweat intro. This is 20-minute chat where they can ask any questions on their mind and we can learn more about how to help them best.

From there, most will choose a 40 Days to Fit option, BeachFit 40 DTF or CrossFit 40 DTF.

Remember to have any friends fill out a refer-a-friend card to make sure we give you both your $25 credit to your accounts.

We are honored you guys enjoy your experience at CFPB so much that you excitedly tell your friends. There really is no better compliment.

Thank you for bringing in more wonderful humans like yourselves.

Our kids program for grades 3-5 begins today, if you have any really young friends who’d like to try our fitness program.

We also have our nutrition challenge starting next week! There will be a seminar on Sunday at 11am just for challengers. Non-members are welcome to come and sign up for the challenge too!

-Tony & Team