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Have You Met Our Newest Coaches?

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Say Hello to Austin and Danielle!

Austin and Danielle just moved down from St. Louis and will be coaching CrossFit and BeachFit starting this week.  This amazing couple has been doing CrossFit for 6 years, coaching for 5 years, and have already successfully owned and sold their own CrossFit gym.
Danielle specializes in nutrition, and loves to cook.  She even enjoys grocery shopping, sometimes spending hours at Trader Joes just reading labels.  Her go-to treat is a pint of Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream from Eating Enlightened, which she may or may not eat every night.  She loves helping people in the gym, especially beginners and newer members.  Mostly because she herself had no athletic background prior to CrossFit, and only used the PVC pipe for months, since she couldn’t even lift the empty barbell when she first started. 

Austin was a baseball player growing up and is also a huge sports fan.  Danielle actually dragged him to his first workout (Filthy Fifty by the way), and he was so sore the next day it was months before he came back.  He’s super passionate about weightlifting, and loves taking complex movements like these and making them simple for clients to understand.  He’s very friendly and easy to talk to, but levels of sarcasm may rise as you get to know him better. 

We’re thrilled to have these 2 amazing humans on our staff, and are excited for you guys to meet them and get coached by them.  Please introduce yourself when you see them and make them feel welcome!