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Friday Workout of the Day 1.11.19

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CFPB Nutrition Meeting is this SUNDAY at 12 noon! 

Friday 1.11.19

Strength/Skill Work: 15 Minutes to Build to a Heavy 5 Deadlift

                                *20-30 Sec HS Hold After Each Set

“16.4 Remix”

13 Min AMRAP:

15 Deadlifts F(155/105) P/S(225/155)

15 Wall Balls F(14/10) P/S(20/14)

15 Cal Row

15 Handstand Push Ups F(Hand-Release Push Ups)

WOD Tips:
Today’s focus will be the deadlift, which we have in both the Strength and Metcon. In the strength we will be spending 15 minutes working up to a heavy 5 reps. Although we are wanting to get heavy, this does not need to be a 5 rep max. If your technique starts to break down, stop at that weight. After each set, we will be prepping for the HSPU later with a :20-:30 second HS Hold. As the weights get super heavy, you may stop doing the HS after every single set.
“16.4 Remix” is a twist on a familiar Open workout. The original workout is 55 reps of every movement. Today we are cutting those down to 15 reps, expecting us to get 3 rounds with the faster athletes pushing to get 4 rounds (which would be more than one round of the original workout).  The deadlifts should be a weight that you could do all 15 unbroken if we made you, and these should be substantially lighter than what you found in today’s strength. There are only 15 wall-balls per round, so pick a weight that you can go unbroken every time you get to the wall. There are not a lot of calories so you should be able to push the pace on this movement. The handstand push-up will be the highest skilled movement of the day. You may choose to modify the reps down slightly, or change the movement to Hand Release Push-ups which are usually used as the substitute in the Open.


BeachFit Workout of the Day


A. In 9:00 build to your heaviest:

7 Sumo KB DL (20X1)

7 Lateral Step Ups / leg

B. For Time 

800 meter Run 

30 Burpees (Adv: 50 reps)

30 Sit ups (Adv: 50 reps)

50 Air Squats 

Time cap: 15 min