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Friday 5.5.17 Workout of the Day

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When the balls are coming from every direction, you duck and cover!! (or just smile and hope for the best)


Strength/Skill Work:

Every 90 Seconds for 8 Sets (4 Rounds)

Set 1: 1 Set of Australian Ring Rows w/ 1 Second Pause at the Top

Set 2: 200 FT Overhead DB Walk (100’/Arm)


For Time: (10 Min Cap)

21-15- 9

Push Jerks S(95/65) RX(115/80) RTG(135/95)

Chest-to- Bar Pull Ups S(15-10- 5 Chest to Bar or 21-15- 9 Pull Ups)


WOD Tips:

-Today is very much an upper body focused day, with both the skill work and the WOD. For the skill work, focus on quality over quantity, especially on the overhead

walk. The overhead walk is a great way to improve your mobility and positioning for all the various overhead movements we do in CrossFit. The weight should be

light enough that you can keep your entire arm locked out and active for the full 100’ unbroken. For the ring rows, you will be performing 1 unbroken set, and

pausing with the ring making contact right around your sternum. If you aren’t able to hold the ring against your body for a full second, then you should scale these.

We are looking to get at least 5 reps per set, and save a couple reps in the tank on the first 3 sets. The last set will be to failure.

-Franchise is one of the CrossFit masters qualifier workouts that was posted a little over a week ago. This workout is short and fast, and looks a lot like the benchmark

workout Fran. Ideally this workout is done in about 6 minutes or less, but we will give you up to 10 minutes to complete it. Pick a weight for the push jerks that you

can do all of your rounds in 1-2 sets. For the chest to bar pull ups, be smart about breaking these up early if you need to. You can scale these by cutting down the

reps or by switching to chin over bar pull ups.