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Friday 5.12.17 Workout of the Day

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No one is safe… not even the side lines!


Strength/Skill Work:

Snatch (Squat)

12 minutes to accumulate 5 sets of 2 working up to 75-80% for your final set


(Compare to 4.13.15)

5 Rounds For Time: (20 Min Cap)

400 M Run S(250 M Run)

15 Overhead Squats S(75/55) RX(95/65)


WOD Tips:

-Today we are focusing primarily on the snatch and overhead squat. These movements are great in that they are some of the few exercises out there that allow us to

effectively train all 10 domains of fitness. These 10 domains include strength, stamina, endurance, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility and

accuracy. The snatch and overhead squat will help us to become well-rounded in all 10.

-For the strength work, it’s all about moving well with a moderate to heavy load. There should be no failed reps today as we are only working up to 75-80% of our 1

rep max. You will be working in sets of 2 at a time, but treat this as 2 singles with a short rest between reps, so you can achieve a good set up for each rep and dial in

your technique.

-The snatch work will translate well into today’s benchmark workout “Nancy”. The weight should now be light since we are doing 75 reps of overhead squats in a

short period of time. Ideally, the overhead squats will be done in 1-2 sets per round. The runs will take up a majority of the time in this workout, so make an effort to

hold a good pace throughout. A good goal for this workout is to be under 15 minutes or about 3 minutes per round.