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Friday 4.14.17 Workout of the Day

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Strength/Skill Work:

Every 90 Seconds for 8 Sets: (4 Rounds)

Set 1: 1-2 Rope Climbs (Starting in L-Sit) Scaled(4-8 L-Rope Pull Ups or Rope Assisted Pull Ups) RTG(1-2 L-Rope Climbs)

Set 2: 6-8 DB Bench Press @ 21X1 Tempo

“Wild Thing”

For Time: (13 Min Cap)

6-9- 12-9- 6

Burpees Over the Bar

Front Squats S(115/80) RX(155/105) RTG(185/135)

Chest to Bar Pull Ups S(Pull Ups)


WOD Tips:

-Today’s strength focus is upper body strength with rope climbs, bench press, and the chest to bar pull ups in the WOD. For the rope climbs, today

is a good day to try something new and challenge yourself. We will be introducing some new ways to scale rope climbs to make them harder and

easier, as well as progressions you can use to get better at legless and regular rope climbs. The bench press will be done in conjunction with the

rope climbs and the goal is to go heavy. Start at 8 reps for your first 2 sets and try to add weight every set as long as you still think you can get 6

good reps. In order to go up, you need to be able to maintain the tempo throughout. The 21X1 tempo means we are lowering the dumbbells to a

2 second count, pausing for 1 second at the bottom, pressing the dumbbells up as fast as possible (X), and holding them for a second at lockout

before lowering them back down.

-Wild Thing is a recent workout from It is a shorter workout that will ideally be done in under 10 minutes. The front squats should be

pretty heavy today. Choose a weight that you can do about 12-15 reps unbroken with when fresh. The goal is to do most sets unbroken, but you

will likely want to break up the round of 12 into 2 sets on the front squats and chest to bar. In order to go for the RX or RTG on chest to bar, you

should be able to get at least 5+ reps unbroken. Otherwise, stick with chin over bar for today.