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Friday 12.9.16 Workout of the Day

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Coach Steve happier than a kid in a candy store!


Strength/Skill Work:

Snatch (Squat) – 3 Reps @ 65%, 3 Reps @ 70%, 3 Reps @ 75%, 3 Sets of 1 Rep @ 80%


“Jingle Bells”

3 Rounds For Time:

400 M Run

30’ DB Front Rack Walking Lunges S(45/30) RX(60/40) RTG(70/50)

15 DB Snatch


WOD Tips:

-The strength/skill work will be a good chance to accumulate a volume of quality reps at a moderate snatch percentage.  This 70-80% range is a great way to improve your form and get stronger at the same time.  This is the sweet spot for getting better at the Olympic lifts.  For the sets of 3, drop from the top and reset each time.  For the sets of 1 at the end, you will be resting fully (1-2 minutes) between sets.

-“Jingle Bells” will have a similar time and pace to the benchmark workout Helen.  The goal with this workout is to finish around 10 minutes or less.  Since it is a shorter workout, you will want to go hard on each run to shave off as much time as possible.  The lunges and snatches should basically be done unbroken, with a short rest between movements and when switching arms on the snatch.