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Friday 12.29.17 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

Strength/Skill Work:

15 Minutes to Accumulate 4 Sets of 4 Back Squats with 3 Sec Pause at the Bottom

3 X 3 Min AMRAPs:
7 DB Thrusters S(35/25) RX(45/30) RTG(50/35)
7 Burpees to 6” Target
*3 Mins Rest Between AMRAPs

WOD Tips:
-Today’s strength work will consist of pause back squats, which are a great way to develop strength and get more comfortable and mobile at the
bottom of the squat. Take the first 5-7 minutes of the strength piece to build up to a moderately heavy weight. Then use the remaining 8-10
minutes to accumulate your 4 sets of 4 pause back squats. Depth is really important today, so make sure you are getting below parallel but staying
high enough where you have tension through your core and hips. You can build weight slightly through the course of your 4 working sets.
-“Doom” is similar to last week’s workout, where we did snatches and burpees. This week, we are replacing the snatches with thrusters, and using
a lower weight relative to what we used last week. This should allow us to hit an even higher intensity this week, since there aren’t any heavy
weights to slow us down. Choose a weight for the thrusters that you can keep unbroken for the entire workout. For the burpees, find a pace that
you can keep your heart rate under control while moving efficiently. Go hard on each 3 minute interval, with the goal of matching or beating your
score in parts 2 and 3.


BeachFit WOD:

“Walk of Shame”

 For Time 

Buy In:  **Mugs: Surprise**

3 rounds of:

21 KBS

15 DB Walking lunges (Sc: BW)

9 cal Bike 

Time cap: 20 min