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Friday 11.25.16 Workout of the Day

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Ivy Stevens crushin’ toes-to-bar!


Holiday Schedule:

8, 9, and 10 AM CrossFit Classes

  BeachFit at 8 and 9 AM. 

22 Min AMRAP:
22 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX(20/14)
22 Power Snatch S(55/35) RX(75/55)
22 Box Jumps S(Step Ups) RX(24/20)
22 Push Press S(55/35) RX(75/55)
22 Burpees


WOD Tips:

-Today’s workout is all about efficiency and pacing.  A good goal for this workout is to complete 3 full rounds, which will require you to pace this through round 1 and push yourself through rounds 2 and 3.  If you make it through 3 rounds you will have completed over 330 reps.  Technique will be super important as you become tired.  The better you can move throughout the early and middle parts of this workout, it will leave you feeling better at the end, and you will be able to finish strong. 

-At the start of this workout, you should be able to do all the movements unbroken for at least 1 round.  So pick weights for your wall balls, snatches, and push press, where you can do 22 reps in a row without dropping.  For pacing purposes though, you should break up each movement into 1-3 sets.