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Friday 11.17.17 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

“Double Double”
16 Rounds For Time (In teams of 2 – Alternating Full Rounds)
10/8 Cal Row S(8/6 Cals) RTG(12/10)
8 Double KB Front Rack Lunges S(35/17) RX(44/26) RTG(53/35)
6 Double KB Push Press S(35/17) RX(44/26) RTG(53/35)

WOD Tips:
-“Double Double” is a partner workout to end the week before tomorrow’s Better Half Battle competition. This is a sprint-interval workout, where 1 partner will be
completing a full round on their own, before the other partner goes. The row is mainly where the sprint will come in, since the lunges and push press shouldn’t be
performed excessively fast. This is also where most of the scaling will take place. If you are a strong rower and can sustain a high power output (1500+/1200+), go
for the RTG Cals today. If you are not a strong rower and will lose your intensity over the full 10/8 cals (<1100,<900), consider scaling to 8/6 cals. In this workout, it’s
better to keep a high intensity for a short period of time, then a low intensity for a longer time. When choosing a weight for the lunges and push press, both
movements should be tough, but still light enough that you can confidently go unbroken for all 16 rounds (8 each).


BeachFit WOD:

“Burt and Ernie”
In teams of two :
90 Wall balls 
60 Jumping Pull ups 
30 Burpees 
One person working at a time. As one partner is working on reps, the other partner is running 100 meters.