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Extra Credit Work 5.27.19

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Monday 5.27.19 – Memorial Day Schedule – CrossFit at 7, 8, 9, and 10 AM  BeachFit at 7:15 AM, 8:15 AM, 9:15 AM, 10:15 AM

WOD: “Team Double DT”

Extra Credit:
No Extra Credit / Holiday Schedule

Tuesday 5.28.19

WOD: “Back and Forth”

Extra Credit:

4 Rounds (Not for Time):

10-12 Barbell Ab Roll-outs
:30 D-Ball Front Hold
:30 Rest

Wednesday 5.29.19

WOD: “E-Brake”

Extra Credit:

Muscle-ups: Every 1:30 for 5 sets:
* 40-50% of Max Unbroken Set of Muscle-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 4-5)

Pull-ups: Every 1:30 for 5 sets:
* 40-50% of Max Unbroken Set of Strict Pull-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 4-5)

Thursday 5.30.19

WOD: “Scatterplot”

Extra Credit:
Rest Day / Active Recovery

Friday 5.31.19

WOD: “Double or Nothing”

Extra Credit:

3 Rounds (Not for Time):
10-12 KB Goblet Step-ups / Leg
20 GHD Hip Extensions

Saturday 6.1.19

WOD: “Press Box”

Extra Credit:
8 min EMOM:
1 Squat Clean @ 75-80% of your 1 Rep Max

* Base this weight off of your current 1 Rep Max. We will be building in percentages throughout the next couple of weeks. You can perform this WOD outside on the rubber if you wish. If you plan to stay inside to lift, please be courteous the coach and do not drop the weights while they are talking. Take some time to work up to your weight and stay there for all of the sets.