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Extra Credit Week of WODS 11.18.19

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Monday 11.18.19

WOD: “Spot Clean”

Extra Credit: Back Squat Strength Progression

2 sets x 15 reps @ 50-60% of 5 Rep Max

*First week of our Back Squat Strength Cycle. We will be building up to a new heavy 5 rep by the end of this 8 week cycle. Rest 2 minutes between sets and repeat until all sets are completed. 



Tuesday 11.19.19

WOD: “Cindy Gone Crazy

Extra Credit: Peg Board Practice:

10 min for quality:

Peg Board Ascents and Descents

*Make sure you have a coach or partner present when you do this extra credit. Be sure to have a gymnastics mat underneath you as well. Practice your ascents and descents. Go as high as comfortable and in control. 


Beach-Ready Arms 1.0

3 Rounds For Quality:

10 DB Hammer Curls / Side

10 DB Triceps Kick Backs

10 DB Biceps Curls / Side

10 Banded Triceps Push Downs 



Wednesday 11.20.19

WOD: “Ski Rescue”

Extra Credit:  Conditioning & Core

12 Min EMOM (:45 On / :15 Off):

Min 1) 15/12 Assault Bike Calories F(12/10 Calories)

Min 2) Heavy D-Ball Front Rack Hold F(50/30) P(70/50) S(90+/70+)

Min 3) Rest

*This goal of this EMOM is to control your breathing and work on your core being braced while the heart rate is up. The assault bike calories should be done at a sprint pace. Record your weight and any pertinent notes.



Thursday 11.21.19 

WOD: “Hook, Line, and Sinker”

Active Recovery / Rest Day 



Friday 11.22.19 

WOD: “Double Down”

Extra Credit: Strict Press Strength Progression

In 15 minutes, find your 5 rep max of your Strict Press

*This will be our testing weight for our strict press strength cycle. Rest as needed between sets. 



Saturday 11.23.19
WOD: “Terrible Twos 2.0” – Repeat from 6.8.18

Extra Credit: Grip Strength Accessory

3 Rounds Not For Time:

Max Time Stationary KB Farmer Carry Hold

Rest 2 min, then repeat

*Our goal for today is to work on grip strength. We typically use the hook grip for a lot of movements, but not today. No hook grip today. Work purely on grip strength. Find a weight where you can hold it in the Farmer Carry position for a minimum of 1 minute. We are not walking today; we are stationary. Record weight, times, and any pertinent notes.