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Extra Credit 9.30.19

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Monday 9.30.19
WOD: “Partner 17.1”

Extra Credit:

3 Rounds (Not For Time):

15 Single Arm High Pulls / Arm

15 Single Arm Banded KB Bottoms Up Presses / Arm

*Perform the Single Arm High Pulls and KB Presses as a superset on one arm first, then rest, then repeat on the other arm. Rest as needed in between arms and rounds.

**KB Bottoms Up Presses are just like it sounds. Bottom of the kettlebell is up towards the sky and we are performing an overhead press. The challenge is to use a red band around the rig and place it in the wrist across the body and perform the KB Bottoms Up Presses. If you feel like the KB Presses are challenging enough, then stay with the presses on their own.



Tuesday 10.01.19

WOD: “Time Change“

Extra Credit:
Annie: For Time

40-30-20-10 (optional to do full Annie: 50-40-30-20-10 of each)

Double Unders

Abmat Sit-ups

*Great opportunity to practice double unders and work on your core



Wednesday 10.02.19
WOD: “Crossing the Delaware”

Extra Credit:
10 Min EMOM:

1 Power Position Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean

*Use some time to build up to a weight and stay there the whole 10 minutes. This should be relatively light (maybe around 50% of your squat clean). The limiting factor will be the power position clean. The focus for today will be speed underneath the bar.



Thursday 10.03.19
WOD: “Team Cement Mixer”

Rest Day / Active Recovery



Friday 10.04.19

WOD: “Ladder to the Moon”

Extra Credit:

For Time:

400m Heavy Double KB Farmer Carry (70/53)

*Go twice around both buildings for the Farmer Carries. The goal is to complete this in as few sets as possible. Rest as needed.



Saturday 10.05.19

WOD: “Dragon Slayer”

Extra Credit:


DB Bench Press

Australian Ring Rows

*Get that pump on!! Goal today is to move fast but with good form.