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Extra Credit 7.29.19

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Monday 7.29.19

WOD: “Grace” Completed last on 10/02/2019

Extra WOD: 

Back Squat:
4 sets of 6 reps @ 70-75% of 1 Rep Max
*Keep these decently light, and reintroduce the back squat as we have been working on the Front Squat lately. You can go slightly heavier than last week.



Tuesday 7.30.19

WOD: “Talladega Superspeedway”

Extra WOD:
2-3 Rounds (Not for time)

8 Single Arm High Pulls (Right)

2 Turkish Get Ups (Right)

8 Single Arm High Pulls (Left)

2 Turkish Get Ups (Left)

*Can use a DB or KB for these.  Should be fairly light for both movements, focusing on quality. 



Wednesday 7.31.19

WOD: “Bill of Rights”

Extra WOD:

12 min EMOM:
Min 1: 3-5 Banded Deadlifts @ 70-80% of 1 Rep Max
MIn 2: 30 Double Unders



Thursday 8.01.19 

WOD: “Traveling South”

Rest Day / Active Recovery



Friday 8.02.19 

WOD: “Forest Fire”

Extra WOD: 

Crossover Symmetry:
*Complete the Recovery Protocol
3 Rounds (Not for Time):
10 Cal Assault Bike (Easy Pedal)
10 Yoga Push-ups
:30-45 second Tuck Hold 



Saturday 8.03.19 

WOD: “Jump Off a Cliff”

Extra WOD: 

4 Rounds (Not for Time):
20 GHD to Parallel
15 Cal Ski Erg
– Rest :30 seconds