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Extra Credit 5.6.19

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Monday 5.6.19

WOD: “D-Train”

Extra Credit:
Find a Max Unbroken set of Muscle-ups or STRICT Pull-ups:
* We will be progressing through either Muscle-ups or Strict Pull-ups for the next couple of weeks on Extra Credit, so use this as your test i

Tuesday 5.7.19

WOD: “Midnight Express”

Extra Credit:
1 Rep Max Bench Press:
* We are re-testing our Bench Press max from a few weeks back after this mini cycle. Make sure as they weights get heavy you have someone spot y

Wednesday 5.8.19

WOD: “Invisalign”

Extra Credit:
Single Arm DB High Pull 3 sets of 15 reps:
* Based off of the first weeks weight, you will be retesting the Single Arm DB High Pull to see if you are able to complete the same amount of reps and sets with more weight, while keeping the DB controlled. Remember, slower down, faster u

Thursday 5.9.19

Rest Day / Active Recovery


Friday 5.10.19

WOD: “Outkast”

Extra Credit:
4 Rounds (Not for Time):
8 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats / Side (20×1)
16 Hip Extensions (20×1)

*Increase weight on each set of Split Squats (as long as you can control the Tempo). The Tempo on the Split Squats will be a slow two second descent down, once your knee touches explode back up. For the Hip Extensions your Tempo will be a slow descent from the parallel position down to 90 degrees.


Saturday 5.11.19

WOD: “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”

Extra Credit:
3 Rounds (Not for Time):
600 m Run
6 Side Plank Rotations / side
400 m Ski Erg
40 Double Unders

*Complete at a conversational pace.