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Extra Credit 10.28.19

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Monday 10.28.19

WOD: “Toe the Line”

Extra Credit:
Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes (8 rounds)

1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat (3331)

*Build to a challenging weight throughout the complex. You should not be in danger of missing a lift at any point. Stay controlled during each phase of the lift and do not break the tempo on the front squat. Record your weight.



Tuesday 10.29.19

WOD: “Around the Horn

Extra Credit:
12 Min AMRAP / Turkish Get-Up Complex: 

1 Turkish Get-Up

60’ OH Carry

1 Turkish Get-Up

60’ OH Carry

*Start with the weaker arm and complete the entire complex on that side. Then switch sides once all 4 movements are completed. Pick one KB that you can do for the entirety of the complex (both movements and distances). Rest as needed, but as little as possible then switch sides. The weight should be heavy enough where you can complete the complex but the last Get-Up and Carry is very difficult to complete. Record your weight, rounds, and reps.



Wednesday 10.30.19

WOD: “Red Light, Green Light”

Extra Credit:
Death By….. Row Cals

Start at 5 Cals

*If you are able to complete the calories in under a minute, then add 1 calorie for the ladies and add 2 calories for the gentlemen. Continue until you can’t complete the set number of calories in under a minute. Record the total amount of calories completed.



Thursday 10.31.19 

WOD: “CFPB Triathlon 2.0”

Extra Credit:

For Time:

400m Heavy SA Farmer Carry F(44 / 26) P(53+ / 35+) S(70+ / 53+) 

*Similar to the other week, now we are going single arm and switching arms whenever we get fatigued. Go twice around both buildings for the Farmer Carry. The goal is to complete this in as few sets as possible. Record your weight and time.



Friday 11.1.19 

WOD: “Brick by Brick”

Rest Day/Active Recovery



Saturday 11.2.19
WOD: “20.4”

Extra Credit:
15 Min Active Recovery Flow For Quality

7 Min Recovery Row

Every 200m perform 1 Perfect Stretch / Side

Rest 1 minute

7 Min Recovery Ski

Every 150m perform 3 Yoga Push-ups (Down Dog to Cobra Transitions)

*This will be an active recovery after our third open workout. This should be done with the intent to loosen up everything after the workout. Try to go at a pace where you’re able to have a conversation but also feel the heart rate come up towards the end of 7 minutes.