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Extra Credit 10.21.19

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Monday 10.21.19

WOD: “Run DMC”

Extra Credit:
Mini EMOM Amanda

Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes complete:

4 Snatches (#135/#95) F(#95/#65)

4 Ring Muscle Ups F(4 Ring Rows + 4 Ring Dios)

*This will be a miniature EMOM version of Amanda. Complete the 4 snatches in the first minute and then the 4 muscle ups within the second minute window. What we time is remaining in each minute, you can rest.  If muscle ups are still challenging, perform 4 ring rows and then 4 ring dips within the minute. Record your weight, reps, and any pertinent notes for each round. Try to stay consistent with your movements and rest times. 



Tuesday 10.22.19

WOD: “A Long Time Coming”

Extra Credit:


MB Russian Twists

Alternating V-Ups 

*In between each set, perform a :30 Sorensen Hold. This can be done upstairs right by the GHD machines. The reps are total NOT per side. 



Wednesday 10.23.19

WOD: “Paradise Island”

Extra Credit:


Assault Bike Calories


*This will be a short, sprint style conditioning workout with a standard CrossFit rep scheme. Find a friend and make it a race if you want. 



Thursday 10.24.19 

WOD: “Trifecta”

Rest Day / Active Recovery



Friday 10.25.19 

WOD: “Fire Sticks”

Rest Day / Active Recovery



Saturday 10.26.19
“CrossFit Open WOD 20.3”

Extra Credit:
15 Min Active Recovery Flow For Quality

7 Min Recovery Bike ERG
*Every 250m perform 5 Face Down Scorpions

Rest 1 minute

7 Min Recovery Run
*Every 200m Perform 5 Gorilla Squats with T-Spine Rotations

*This will be an active recovery after our third open workout. This should be done with the intent to loosen up everything after the workout. Try to go at a pace where you’re able to have a conversation but also feel the heart rate come up towards the end of 7 minutes. For the run, complete 200m intervals (run once around both buildings) then perform the gorilla squats.