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Extra Credit 1.6.20

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Monday 1.6.20

WOD: “Strict Helen”

Extra Credit:
Back Squat Strength Progression

Find a new 5 Rep Max Back Squat

*Eighth week of our Back Squat Strength Cycle. It’s finally here. Find a new max 5 rep back squat. Rest as needed between sets. Be smart on how you warm up and build up to your new weights. When the weight is light, perform only 2-3 reps but with slower tempo to warm up properly. When it starts to get heavy and towards your old 5 rep max, then start hitting the 5 reps. Also, don’t make too big of jumps in weight. Be smart about your weight jumps. Record weights and any pertinent notes.



Tuesday 1.7.20

WOD: “Killer Bees”

Extra Credit:
10 Min AMRAP

5 Dragonflags F(Dragon Thrusters or Half Dragonflags)

10 Oblique Sit-Ups / Side

:15 Superman Hold

*This should be a fun core finisher to our WOD today. The goal of this WOD is to try to complete at least one solid dragonflag and work on core strength and stability. A Dragonflag will be completed when both the hips and the feet are off the ground on the way up and down. Work on the quality of each repetition of each movement.



Wednesday 1.8.20
WOD: “The Alternate Dimension”

Extra Credit:
3 Rounds For Time:

400m Run

15 OHS F(75/55) P/S(95/65)

*Shorter, sprint version of our normal Nancy WOD. Try to pick a weight where you are able to go unbroken for all 3 rounds (it will be challenging but try to push yourself).



Thursday 1.9.19

WOD: “House of Pain”

Rest Day / Active Recovery


Friday 1.10.20

WOD: “Baby Got Back”

Extra Credit:
Rogue Echo Bike:

Every 2 Minutes For 10 Rounds:

:10 Sprint

1:50 Rest

*The goal is to maintain the same power output that you started with at the beginning. Record the highest and lowest power outputs. A suggested warm up will be something like this: 3 minutes @ 50-55rpm, then 1 min @ 55-60rpm, then 1 minute @ 60-65 rpm, then 1 minute @ 50-55rpm.



Saturday 1.11.20
WOD: “The Rolling Stones”

Extra Credit:
10min AMRAP:

10 DB Biceps Curls / Side (20X1)

10 DB Strict Presses (20X1)

10 DB Triceps Kick Backs (20X1)

*This will be a 10 week strength cycle focused mainly on the upper extremities. This will be our first week. Pick a weight that allows you to move through everything without switching dumbbells (pick one weight for all three movements). Record your weight, rounds, reps, and any pertinent notes.