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Extra Credit 1.27.20

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Monday 1.27.20
WOD: “Minute Clinic 2.0”

Extra Credit:

Front Rack Step Up Strength Progression:

Within 20 minutes

2-3 sets (extra set on weaker leg) x 12 reps of Front Rack Step Ups at 50-60% of 5RM

*This is our new Squat Strength Cycle . This will be our first week. We will be building up to a new heavy 5 rep by the end of this 8 week cycle. Rest as needed between sets and repeat until all sets are completed. Be sure to perform one more set on the weaker side. Record weights and any pertinent notes.


Tuesday 1.28.20
WOD: “Tread Water” (Repeat 6.29.19)

Extra Credit:
Core / Conditioning

12 Min AMRAP (For Quality)

10 Barbell Floor Wipers / Side

10 RDLs F(95/65) P(115/85) S(135/95)

*This will be a simple core WOD a right after our workout. The goal here is to work on both a static holding (holding the barbell over the chest during the floor wipers) and a dynamic core movement (the floor wipers itself). The RDL will help open up the hamstrings to gain a better range of motion during the floor wipers. Work on the quality of the movements rather than speed through the rounds.


Wednesday 1.29.20

WOD: “Russian Roulette”

Extra Credit:
Arms By Arlan™️ 1.4

4 Rounds For Time:

15 DB Seated Biceps Curls / Arm

15 DB Seated Bent Over DB Triceps Extensions

15 DB Seated Lateral Raises

15 DB Seated Bent Over Reverse Flies

*This will be our fourth week of Arms By Arlan. It should be a fun little arm burner after our workout today. You will need 2-3 sets of light to moderate dumbbells where you are able to perform each movement unbroken for at least the first round. Everything will be done in a seated position from a bench. Although there aren’t any tempos associated with this WOD, there has to be a controlled motion for each rep of every movement. Record the weights used for each movement and the total time for all four rounds to be completed.


Thursday 1.30.20

WOD: “Old MacDonald”

Rest Day / Active Recovery

Friday 1.31.20
WOD: “48 Hours“

Extra Credit:


10 Min AMRAP:


Tire Flips


Tire Jumps

*This will be a quick, sprint style WOD done outside between both buildings where the tires are. How this works: perform 1 tire flip then 2 tire jumps, then 2 tire flips, then 4 tire jumps and continue in this format until 10 minutes are up. Record your total reps.


Saturday 2.1.20
WOD: “Chips & Queso”

Extra Credit:

Strict Press Strength Progression

Find your new 5 rep max Strict Press

*Eighth week of our Strict Press Strength Cycle. This is the week! Let’s find that new 5 rep max. Have fun. Record weights and any pertinent note