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Extra Credit 1.13.20

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Monday 1.13.20

WOD: “Pumpkin Spice Latte”

Extra Credit:
Death By….. Bike ERG Cals

Start at 3 Cals

*If you are able to complete the calories in under a minute, then add 1 calorie for the ladies and add 2 calories for the gentlemen. Continue until you can’t complete the set number of calories in under a minute. Record the total amount of calories completed.



Tuesday 1.14.20

WOD: “Facing the Minimum”

Extra Credit:

10 Min EMOM (:50 on / :10 off)

Min 1) 5 Empty Barbell Good Mornings / Side (3111 Tempo)

Min 2) 5 Strict T2B F(Straight Leg Lifts)

*Pick a moderate weight where you can go unbroken on each set at that tempo throughout the EMOM. The main focus should be the strict toes to bar. The good mornings should help open the hamstrings and hips to perform the strict toes to bar.



Wednesday 1.15.20

WOD: “March Madness”

Extra Credit:
For a time:

400m Heavy SA DB OH Carry

*Pick a weight that is challenging to complete 50-75m unbroken and stay with that weight. You can switch as many times as possible (recommend switching early and often) but the goal and challenge is to never set the DB down. Go around both buildings twice for your 400m carry. Try to start with your weaker side and stay even on both sides as best as possible. Record your weight and time.



Thursday 1.16.20 

WOD: “Annie, Are You Okay?”

Rest Day / Active Recovery



Friday 1.17.20 

WOD: “You Say Jump”

Extra Credit: 

In a 15 minute window complete the following:

Arm Burnout:


Empty Barbell Curls



Banded Triceps Push Downs 

*This will be a 10 week strength cycle focused mainly on the upper extremities. This will be our second week. How this works: you will perform 14 reps of the curls, hold onto the bar in the extended position for 14 seconds, then perform 13 curls then 13 seconds rest. Continue this trend until you complete all the reps down to 1. Perform the same protocol as the curls for the push downs except during the rest, you will have your arms bent. Record any pertinent notes.



Saturday 1.18.20
WOD: “Sir Row-A-Lot”

Extra Credit:
Strict Press Strength Progression

3 sets x 3 reps + AMRAP set @ 100-110% of 5 Rep Max

*We took a break from the strict press last week so we are picking it back up again. This is the sixth week of our Strict Press Strength Cycle. We will be building up to a new heavy 5 rep by the end of this 8 week cycle. Rest 3+ minutes between sets and repeat until all sets are completed. Record weights and any pertinent notes.