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Don’t Let Coronavirus Infect Your Mind

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You didn’t click this post because you’re hoping I will explain covid-19 or coronavirus to you. You’re most likely a couch expert on it just like I am from the gluttonous news coverage of it.

I refuse to watch the news. I was born with this weird abnormality where I like to be happy and positive. And watching the news doesn’t work well with that pre-existing condition.

I own stocks, so I’m wondering what the hell is going on with the world, and I’ve reluctantly watched some news stories.

Observing the world in a panic brings about some interesting observations of human behavior.

Internet memes of empty store shelves ask “who wasn’t washing their hands or wiping their butts before?” Great question internet memes. Point for you.

Medical professionals are advising everybody to take the same precautions they always have against getting sick. Wash your hands thoroughly, stop touching your face and sticking your fingers in your mouth. Wise words your mom has also told you for years.

Businesses you haven’t heard from, ever, are now sending you emails to tell you they clean their business, AND will clean it even more now! Gee, THANKS!

Truly, no disrespect to the lives lost or people affected by this virus, BUT the flu has still killed more people this season with 20,000 deaths compared to corona’s 3,800.

What’s really astonishing is this human behavior aspect. With a fatality rate of .5-2% with the already minuscule odds of catching it. You might as well play the lottery if you think you’re that lucky.

Compare that to the odds of dying from heart disease, 1 in 6, or cancer, 1 in 7, and your fears should be pointed elsewhere, if you’re going to have them.

I wouldn’t know if fear of these diseases makes the news because as I said before I don’t watch it. You would think though that someone with markers for obesity would be much more concerned with sugar than sanitizer.

What gets at me now is the amount of fear and lack of control people think they have.

My one takeaway for you today is to take back your mind.

Take back your mind from the news outlets.

Has the news about coronavirus affected your mind? Has it affected the way you live? Do you have 100 rolls of toilet paper at your house for no reason?

If tomorrow you wake up infected by coronavirus, are you the 1% that’s going to die from it? I sure as hell hope not. I hope your mind has decided that you are the 99% that’s going to live.

Your mind is more powerful than you know. We take for granted that our mind can often determine our reality. If we fear being sick or think we’re getting sick, we get sick. Our mind creates self-fulfilling prophecies every day that our body follows.

Getting sick is similar to getting injured. You can’t blame that person that coughed near you in supermarket just like you can’t only blame that last deadlift. You have a capacity of work your body can handle before getting injured, and you have an immunity system you also have control over.

You control the amount of sleep you get, the amount of stress you allow into your life, the amount of exercise you get, the amount of sunlight you get, the amount of water you drink, the kinds of foods you eat, and the supplements you take. If you are doing all these things right, the things YOU CAN CONTROL, THEN ZERO ENERGY should be spent worrying about the things you can’t control. ZERO ENERGY, MENTAL & PHYSICAL.

Getting sick is not purely a game of chance. It’s not bad luck because of who was on your plane or at that shopping mall you went to. You take care of yourself and don’t worry about others. You dial in the above areas of your life: sleep, stress, exercise, sunlight, water, food quality and quantity, and vitamins/supplements, because you can control them.

The public places you frequent have a responsibility to keep it safe and clean for all clients, no doubt. (You know CFPB keeps it EXTRA clean.) But don’t forget how much personal responsibility you have. Not just to wash your hands or stay at home when not feeling well, but taking care of yourself in all areas of your life. You want to do your part to combat coronavirus, put down the doughnut and go outside for a walk.

If we’re all going to do our part for safer, healthier communities it starts with taking care of yourself. Take ownership of your mind and don’t let it be infected by scare tactics and news outlets fighting for ratings.

Every day you have the option to own your mind, or allow it to be owned by others.

Take care of your mind and take care of your body. Your body is only as strong as your mind allows it to be.

-Coach Tony