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CrossFit Week of Workouts 4.8.19

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“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.  Don’t wait for good things to happen to you.  If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” 


Monday 4.8.19

Strength/Skill Work:  18 Minutes to work to a Heavy Single Squat Snatch F(6 X 3 Power Snatch Singles)

“Jump the Fence”

7 Min AMRAP:

6 Power Snatch F(95/65) P(135/95) S(155/105)

9 Overhead Squats F(Back Squat)

30 Double Unders F(Double Taps)

WOD Tips:
– The big focus today is the snatch, which we will have in both the strength and the metcon. In the strength we will be building to a heavy single. This will be a great benchmark to get into SugarWOD for future percentage based workouts. There will be a lot of time to spend on this movement, which will allow you to take your time and feel confident going into each rep. If you don’t’ want to build to a heavy weight today or are still focusing on technique, we also have given the option for a 6×3 Power Snatch Singles to add in some volume. If you pick this variation use the first 5-6 minutes building to a weight that you plan to use and stick with that for all 6 sets.
– Because we are spending most of the day on our strength portion, the metcon is a short finisher. Select a weight on the Snatches that you have to perform all singles throughout the workout, this should not be something you hang onto. On your last rep, keep the bar overhead and go right into the Overhead Squats. If the Overhead Squat is the more challenging for you, base your weight off of this instead of your snatch. This is a weight that should be unbroken in the first few rounds, but might turn into two quick sets later. 


Tuesday 4.9.19

“Run it Back”

Every 4 Minutes for 7 Rounds:

400m Run

15 Russian KB Swings F(44/26) P(53/35) S(62/44)

15 Push Ups F(Banded)

F(10 Reps of Each) S(20 Reps of Each)

WOD Tips:
– “Run it Back” is another longer Tuesday workout as we continue to prep for “Murph”. This workout will be close to two miles of running, while also building push-up volume. Ideally, we are completing each round in around 3:00 minutes, allowing for 1:00 of rest before your next interval. Modify the reps in this workout to make the 3:00 time frame possible. The Kettlebell weight should be something that you can hang onto unbroken for all 7 rounds. The push-ups will most likely be the biggest challenging in the WOD, so break them into manageable but quick sets. We will have a 3:30 hard cap on each round to make sure we at least get :30 of rest.

Wednesday 4.10.19

Strength/Skill Work:  Back Squats/FR Step Ups (Slower Down, Faster Up Tempo) 

4 Sets of 10 Reps @ 70% of 5 Rep Max (18 Min Cap)


“Pulling Your Leg”

12 Min AMRAP: (For Quality)

4-6 Strict Chin Ups S(Strict C2B)

8 Tall Box Jumps

12/10 Cal Bike Erg

WOD Tips:
– Now that we have your 5 rep max for both your Back Squat and Step-up, we will begin with the strength cycle. If the step-up weight you found was not at least 41% of your back squat, or you noticed a significant difference from right to left, then we would highly recommend working on the step-up over the next few weeks . Use the 5 rep max you found out to plug into today’s percentage work. If this first week feels easier, remember that this is just week 1 and that the percentages will be increasing each week. Focus on mastering the movement and tempo this week so we can build off of it in the next few weeks. 
– “Pulling Your Leg” is a finisher for the day focusing on movement quality over the amount of rounds you can accumulate. We want to keep our Chin-ups or C2B very strict while still maintaining the hollow body position each rep. The height of the tall box jumps will be decided by you, but you should be able to finish all of the reps inside of a minute. Feel free to build on height each round. Hit the calories on the Bike Erg at a steady pace to set yourself for success on the chin ups and box jumps. Record all notes into SugarWOD for this workout.

Thursday 4.11.19

“Mixed Nuts”

24 Min EMOM:

Min 1) 6-8 D-Ball Cleans

Min 2) 6-8 Ring Body Saws

Min 3) 120’ Heavy DBL KB Farmer’s Carry

Min 4) 12/9 Cal Ski Erg S(15/12 Cals)

Min 5) 6-8/Side SA DB High Pulls

Min 6) 6-8/Side Side Plank Up-Downs

WOD Tips:
– Today can act as a great flush day, or a tough full body workout if you have missed days this week. The d-ball cleans should be a moderately heavy weight, you may also choose to build slightly throughout the rounds. For the SA High Pulls, we encourage you to increase weight each round as you get more comfortable with the movement, as long as you can sustain the proper ROM. The Farmers Carry should be as heavy as you can go while being able to keep the KBs away from the body. The body saws and side plank up-downs are two movements that should be performed nice and slow to get the most out of them. Each movement should take between :40-:50 seconds to complete, any remaining time will be rest and transition.

Friday 4.12.19

Strength/Skill Work:  10 Min EMOM: 3-4 DB Strict Press @ 20X1 Tempo S(2-6 Strict HSPU)


For Time:  (15 Min Cap)

75/60 Cal Row F(60/45)

75 Wall Balls F(14/10) P(20/14) S(30/20)

*EMOM Stop and Do 4 Burpees F(3 Reps) S(5 Reps)

WOD Tips:
– Today’s strength focus is the  OH press. and we will be giving the option between a DB Strict Press or Strict HSPUs. Regardless of the movement we choose our focus is on isolating the shoulders, and not using the lower half to assist us in the movement. For both movements the goal is consistency across the EMOM, but feel free to build once or twice on the DB Strict Press weight.
– “Quicksand” is going to challenge your pacing capabilities. This is an easy workout to look at on paper, and come out too hot. The first minute may allow you to get a decent size chunk of reps, but once the Burpees start adding up, transition time will also play a role. Find a pace on the movements that you can sustain for roughly 12 minutes, which is the time we expect most people to finish in. The wall-balls are heavier than normal today, but after a few weeks of REALLY heavy wall-balls, these might feel nice!

Saturday 4.13.19

“The Dream Team”

23 Min AMRAP: (Teams of 3)

60/40 Cal Assault Bike

10 Sled Push F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

30 Deadlifts F(155/105) P/S(225/155)

10 Rope Climbs F(3 R.A. Pull-ups)

30/20 Ring Dips S(20/15 Ring Muscle Ups)

WOD Tips:
– Find your ‘Dream Team’ and decide who is going to be Magic, MJ, or Bird! Today is a fun team workout to end the week. During all of the movements in the AMRAP today you will be able to split the reps however you and your team decide to. You will be resting twice as long as you are working, so push the intensity when it is your turn.  The deadlifts should be broken up early and often between your team. If you are at much different weights you can have more than one bar. When selecting a weight, it should be something you could do at least 15+ reps with if you were asked to.