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CrossFit Week of Workouts 4.15.19

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“Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline.” -Jocko Willink

Monday 4.15.19

Strength/Skill Work:  10 Min EMOM:

Min 1) 4-6 Inverted Barbell Rows S(Weighted)

Min 2) 10-20 Sec L-Sit


“Traitor Joe’s”

14 Min AMRAP:

7 Toes to Bar F(Toes to Rings) S(10 UB T2B)

10 DB Renegade Rows (1 Rep = Push Up + Row) F(35/20) P(45/30) S(50/35)

14/12 Cal Bike Erg

WOD Tips:

– Today our focus will be on pulling strength and core in both the Strength and Metcon. The Inverted Barbell Row will have the same points of performance as the Ring Row, but will offer a more sturdy base to pull from. Just like the Ring Row we can make this movement easier or harder by the height of our feet. We may also choose to elevate our feet and add plates onto our chest for more of a challenge. Because the time window is short for the L-Sit we encourage everyone to challenge themselves. If this is a movement you feel comfortable with, try to hold for the entire 20 seconds each round.

– Our metcon today will follow the trend from the strength. The Toes to Bar should be modified so that you can complete the reps in 1-2 quick sets. If needed we can perform Toes to Rings, or if you are looking for an extra challenge performing 10 unbroken TTB for our sport option. The Renegade Rows are a tough movement that will keep you under tension for a while, so select a weight that allows you to complete 5 unbroken reps before rest. You may choose to compete the push-ups from your knees during this movement if needed. Find a steady pace on the Bike Erg to set yourself up for success on both the TTB and Rows.


Tuesday 4.16.19

“Running From DT”

30 Min AMRAP:

400m Run

12 Deadlifts F(95/65) P(135/95) S(155/110)

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Shoulder to Overhead

WOD Tips:

– “Running from DT” will be our longer WOD of the week. Because of the longer AMRAP, we encourage everyone to run the entire 400 m each round, unless there is an injury we need to work around. Select a weight on the barbell that if we asked you to stay unbroken for two full rounds you could. You may want to break the Deadlifts and Hang Cleans into two sets early in this workout to save your grip and keep your breathing under control. The Shoulder to Overhead will likely be the limiting factor on the weight used during the barbell movements for most people, but this movement you will want to stay unbroken on. Pace this workout right from the beginning, and aim to stay around 4 minutes per round.


Wednesday 4.17.19

Strength/Skill Work:  5 Sets of 8 Back Squats OR 4 Sets of 8 FR Step Ups/Leg (Slower Down, Faster Up Tempo)

-Use 80% of 5 Rep Max (18 Min Cap)


“Double Dose”

12 Min EMOM: (:45 On/:15 Off)

Min 1) 5 D-Ball Front Squats @ 31X1 + Hold in Remaining (AHAP)

Min 2) Butterfly Sit Ups

Min 3) Double Unders

WOD Tips:

– This is Week 2 of our strength progression on either the Back Squat or Step-up. Stay with whatever movement we went with on Week 1 as the percentages are getting heavier this week. The back squats will be adding one more working set from last week, but the total reps will decrease by two each set. For the Step-ups the working sets will remain the same, but we will decrease in reps by two. If you had an imbalance from left to right leg during the initial testing, either complete 3 sets on the stronger leg and 4 on the weaker leg, or add a 5th set on the weaker leg. Avoid adding weight to your percentages in the early weeks as it will continue to get heavier.

– The big focus of the day is the strength, so “Double Dose” will be a quick finisher. Find a weight on the D-Ball that allows you to control the tempo during each of the squats. The Front Squats and Front Hold will start to tax the core before we move into the next minute of Butterfly sit-ups. Find a pace that allows you to move steady throughout the minute of workout without having to stop and rest. If you do not currently have double unders, today is a great day to practice attempting reps. This is a no score day after our strength so focus on movement quality at each station.



Thursday 4.18.19

“Split the Difference”

10 Min AMRAP:

120’ Sled Push/Drag F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

2 Rope Climbs F(3 Rope Lowers)

40 Sec Ring FLR


-2 Minutes Rest-


10 Min AMRAP:

12/9 Cal Ski Erg

20 Secs/Side Weighted Side Plank

8/Side SA Russian KB Swings

WOD Tips:

– “Split the Difference” will be a great active recovery day or two challenging AMRAPs if you have missed a few days this week. The first AMRAP will include Rope Climbs which will give you the chance to practice this movement if you are close to having them, or just need to get more efficient at them. Feel free to modify the height you climb, or change the movement to Rope Lowers during the workout. For the Sled Push in this AMRAP you will be pushing and pulling the weight for two down and back trips, so pick a weight based off of the pulling as that is the limiter for most people.

Our second AMRAP of the day will be core heavy. On the side plank focus on getting both arms stacked when holding the weight overhead to remain balanced. The single arm russian KB swing also will offer a challenge to the core to keep everything square. Pick a weight that you can own on this movement, don’t allow the weight to pull you in any one direction.

Friday 4.19.19

Strength/Skill Work:  12 Min EMOM: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat + 1 Squat Snatch F(2 PS + 2 OHS) @ 70-80% of 1 RM


“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

4 Rounds For Time: (9 Min Cap)

12 DB Snatch F(50/30) P(60/40) S(70/50)

8 Burpee Box Jump Overs F(Step Ups) P/S(24/20)

WOD Tips:

– To build from last weeks Max Snatch, we will be practicing a Snatch complex. Before the strength EMOM starts, you will be given time to build up to your 70-80% weight, which will need to be a weight that you feel confident in hitting for 12 rounds. For the complex you will start with a Power Snatch and go directly into an Overhead Squat, drop and reset before your Squat Snatch. This EMOM will give you plenty of attempts at the lifts to iron out any technical issues that are in your lifts.

– “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a quick sprint to finish the day. Today you do NOT have to alternate on the DB,so pick a weight on the Snatches that is heavy, but you are able to complete in 1-2 quick sets. The burpee box jump overs should be box facing today. Find a pace on the Burpee Box jumps that is quick, but that you can maintain through the 4 rounds. There is a 9 minute cap so we expect this one to go quickly!


Saturday 4.20.19

“Team Jackie”

18 Min AMRAP: (Teams of 2 – Alternating Full Rounds)

250m Row

10 Thrusters F(45/35) P/S(75/55)

10 Pull Ups S(Chest to Bar)

*Partner 2 starts their row when partner 1 starts their pull ups


Team Core WOD

20 MB Russian Twists (10/Side)

20 MB High Plank Passes

20 MB Overhead Sit Ups


WOD Tips:

– We will be ending this week with a fun partner variation of the benchmark workout “Jackie”. During “Team Jackie” you will be alternating full rounds with your partner, starting the next round when you partner starts their pull-ups. Because you are given rest between attempts when it is your time to work try to keep the intensity high. The Thrusters should be at a weight that you can go unbroken on every round. For the pull-ups, these should be completed in 1-2 quick sets before resting. Ideally we are completing each round in about 2 minutes, with close to the same amount of rest between your rounds. We will be rounding out the day with a fun Team Core WOD!