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CrossFit Week of Workouts 3.4.19

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“Success is a decision, not a gift.” -Ben Bergeron


Monday 3.4.19

Strength/Skill Work:  6-5-4-3-6-5-4-3 Back Squats – Every 2:15 Minutes for 8 Sets (18 Minutes)

*After Each Set Perform 5-7 Single Arm Ring Rows (Alternate Sides)


“Mini Strict Cindy”

10 Min AMRAP:

5 Strict Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


WOD Tips:
– Our biggest focus on the day is the Back Squat. Our strength portion will be a little longer than it typically is today, as we will be making our way through 2 Squat waves. We won’t have a lot of prep time beforehand, so ideally today we are using the first wave (6,5,4,3) as a building wave – then by the time we get to the second wave we are ready to go heavy. We should be trying to increase weight each set during the wave, so make smart jumps. Between each set we will be performing 5-7 single arm Ring Rows, alternating sides on each round, to prep the body for the strict pull-ups we have coming later in the workout.
– “Mini Strict Cindy” is a variation of the CrossFit Benchmark workout “Cindy”. This variation will be shorter (10 instead of 20 minutes) but we will be keeping the pull-ups strict, instead of allowing kipping. The Strict Pull-ups should be completed as an unbroken set, even if this means modifying the rep number to better fit your current abilities. We can also modify this movement to Negatives or Ring Rows today. You can think of the Push-ups the same way as the pull-ups. We want to keep these in 1-2 sets, so if you need to modify the reps to fit you, do so. The Air Squats should feel nice and easy after all of the heavy back squats. Try to find a pace on these and stay moving for all 15 reps. There will be no score today to further express our emphasis of moving well.

Tuesday 3.5.19

“Alphabet Soup 3.0”

Every 5 Minutes for 4 Rounds:

A.18 KB Swings F(44/26) P/S(53/35)

B.18 Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)

C.18/15 Cal Bike Erg F(15/12 Cals)

D.18 Lunges

RD 1 – ABCD, RD 2 – DCBA, RD 3 – CADB, RD 4 – BDAC

*Sport – Increase 3 Reps for all movements


WOD Tips:
– “Alphabet Soup” is a variation of a workout we have completed multiple times, this being our 3.0 version. This workout is essentially 4 rounds for time, but the catch is that each round the movements will be performed in a different order.  By doing these exercises in a different order each time, it can bring additional awareness to how we are moving and breathing during certain exercises, and how some exercises affect others. This workout is designed to have a good amount of rest built in, and ideally you should be working for about 3-4 minutes and then resting for about 1-2 minutes before the next round. Push to keep the pace up during each of the different movements and rounds as your lowest time will be your score for the day.


Wednesday 3.6.19

Strength/Skill Work:  10 Min EMOM: 1 Clean and Split Jerk at 70% of your 1 Rep Max


“Deviled Eggs”

3 X 3 Min AMRAPs

400m Run

Max Devil’s Press in Remaining Time F(20/15) P(30/20) S(35/25)

*1 Min Rest Between AMRAPs


WOD Tips:
– Our strength today will be Clean and Split Jerk percentage work. 70% is our goal today, but we can go slightly below or above based off of feel. Once we get to a starting weight, minimize the amount you are switching or changing weight. 70% is a nice sweet spot for building technique and strength at the same time.  Because we are staying lighter today our focus is going to be on how technically sound the lift is, over how much you are actually lifting. We will be allowing you to decide how you want to clean the weight (squat or power), but we will all be sticking with the Split Jerk for the Shoulder to Overhead.
– “Deviled Eggs” is a quick 3 minute AMRAP today, that will be followed with a 1 minute rest. We will be “Buying-In” to each AMRAP with a 400 m run. We encourage everyone to try and stick with the entire distance today. Once you get back in, with any remaining time you will be accumulating Devil Press reps. Because this is a newer movement, we will spend some time find a weight that we plan to use, but we are looking to find a weight that allows us to keep a steady, but constant pace. Your score today will be Total Number of Reps.


Thursday 3.7.19  –  No 5 PM CrossFit Class Tonight – Yoga Class Tonight at 5 PM

“Weight of the World”

21 Min AMRAP:

.6 Mile Assault Bike

60 Seconds Sorenson Hold

60 Seconds Double Unders

60’ Bear Crawl S(30’ HS Walk)

30 Second Tuck-Hang S(L-Hang)

300m Ski Erg


WOD Tips:
– “Weight of the World” is a good Thursday flush workout, before tomorrow’s Open WOD. Nothing in this workout will tax the body too much, but will allow you to get a good sweat going. During this 21 minute AMRAP we are looking for you to cruise through about 3 rounds. There is no score today, so 3 is our goal but move off of feel. Because today is a flush day, we want you to take the opportunity to practice movements maybe you wouldn’t typically try in a normal, high intense WOD. The 60 seconds of Double Unders should be taken by all to practice trying to get your first, or string your first few together. Maybe today you practice getting upside down, or trying for a L-Sit hang instead of a Tuck hang!


Friday 3.8.19

“Open WOD 19.3” –  Will be announced Thursday Night at 8 PM.  Join us Friday Night at 6 PM for our Bar Fights Event (No 5 PM and 6 PM Classes)


Saturday 3.9.19

“Rush Hour”

4 Rounds For Time: (In teams of 2)

50/40 Cal Row F(40/30 Cals)

40 Alternating V-Ups

30 Bench Press F(95/55) P(125/70) S(155/85)


WOD Tips:
– “Rush Hour” is a 4 round Partner WOD that will need a lot of communication, and quick transitions. The Cal Row should stay at a pretty high intensity each round, so don’t allow one partner to stay on the rower at one time for too long (30-40 seconds max). The 40 Alternating V-Ups can be split however you wish, but through the rounds these will begin to add up also. The Bench Press is the meat of this workout. You and your partner do not have to use the same weight, but you will need a gameplan going in a to how you want to quickly switch the weights. Keep the sets smaller in the beginning to avoid burn out early in this workout, and make sure to spot each other as the reps add up.