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CrossFit Week of Workouts 3.11.19

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“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” -Bruce Lee

Monday 3.11.19

Strength/Skill Work:  10 Min EMOM:  2 Deadlifts at 70-80% of 1 Rep Max with a 20X1 Tempo

“X Marks the Spot”

Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes:

250m Run

15 KB Swings F(44/26) P(53/35) S(62/44)

10 Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)

*Score today is the difference in seconds between your fastest and slowest rounds

WOD Tips:
– We will be starting the day with a Deadlift EMOM similar to what we did a couple weeks ago. We will be practicing the same tempo throughout the lift, this time however we are decreasing the reps and increasing the percentage of your 1 RM. These reps will have less rest between them compared to our typical strength formats, which is the reason for the bigger range in percentage. All reps should be doable for all 10 rounds, while still controlling the Tempo.  The goal is consistency across the sets, rather than maxing out the weight. 
– “X Marks the Spot” is essentially a 12 minute AMRAP, but broken into four 3 minute intervals. With anytime you have left over from finishing the work in the 3 minutes you will rest. Typically we would score this workout as your slowest round, however today is about consistency. Your score today will be the DIFFERENCE in seconds between your fastest and slowest rounds. With this change, it means that it will pay off to hold back slightly the first couple of rounds to avoid blowing up in the later rounds. Ideally we will be finishing the work in around 2 minutes, and will have around 1 minute to rest.


Tuesday 3.12.19

“Lead Foot” – Compare to 5.16.17 and 7.16.18

4 Min AMRAP:

27/21 Calorie Row

27 Burpees

27 Chest to Bar Pull Ups F(Pull Ups/Ring Rows)

4 Min AMRAP:

21/15 Calorie Row

21 Burpees

21 Toes-to- Bar F(Knees to Chest)

4 Min AMRAP:

15/9 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

15 Pull-ups F(Jumping Pull Ups)

*Rest 4:30 Between AMRAPs

WOD Tips:

-Today we will be tackling “Lead Foot”, a repeat workout from 5.16.17 and 7.16.18. This is a great title for a workout that will require you to push the pedal to the medal in a short 4 minute interval of work. You will also need to know how to use the breaks, after every 4 minutes of work, you will be given a 4:30 pitstop to refuel (rest) before the next 4 minutes of all-out effort. During each 4 minute AMRAP the reps decrease, and we are expecting athletes to get further through each time. For example – in the first AMRAP, getting a good chunk of chest to bar pull ups done would be a good goal. During the second AMRAP, we hope to complete the Toes to Bar, and by the last AMRAP, we are hoping to complete the row on round 2.  For the gymnastics movement each round, make sure you are able to get sets of 5+ reps at a time, at whatever standard you choose.  This will keep the intensity of this workout high, and keep you working for most of the 4 minute interval.  Our score today is going to be total reps.


Wednesday 3.13.19

Strength/Skill Work:  Thrusters – 15 Minutes to Build to a Heavy 5 Reps for the Day

“Plate Tectonics”

8 Min AMRAP:

5 Burpees to Plate

10 Plate Ground to Overhead F(35/25) P/S(45/35)

25’ Plate OH Walking Lunges

25 Plate Jumps

WOD Tips:
– We are bound to see thrusters in the Open, so this will be our big focus for the day. The strength today will give you an open 15 minute window to build to a heavy 5 reps for the day. Again, as we are building to a heavy 5 reps for the day, we do NOT need to feel obligated to find a 5 rep max. Find a weight that feels challenging, but that you can complete with great technique.
– “Plate Tectonics” will be a quick finisher for the day. This “Pet Rock” styled workout will have you lugging around your plate everywhere you go. When selecting a weight for the plate, it should be something that you can do unbroken for 15+ reps unbroken on the G2OH and lunges when fresh.  Both the Burpees to a Plate and Plate jumps will move quickly so avoid making them your rest station. A good goal for everyone is to keep the rounds close to or under :90 seconds with faster athletes trying to stay closer to 1 minute per round. 

Thursday 3.14.19  –  No 5 PM CrossFit Class Tonight – Yoga Class Tonight at 5 PM

“Bike and Belay”

20 Min AMRAP: (Teams of 2)

Max Distance Bike Erg (Alternate every 500m)

*Every 1K Stop and Perform 1 Rope Climb Each (or 3 R.A. Pull Ups)

Core WOD


WOD Tips:
– With the Open bringing the Unknown and Unknowable tomorrow, today’s workout will be a great flush with a chance to work on a skill with the rope climbs!  On the Bike we will be going for Max Meters, but you will be switching every 500m with your partner. After each turn on the bike (1000m) you will both stop and perform 2 rope climbs (1 per person). This pattern will continue for 20 minutes. A good goal for the day is to get around 10,000 meters and to stay consistent with your paces on the bike.

Friday 3.15.19

“Open WOD 19.4” – Announced Thursday Night at 8 PM. Join us Tonight at 6 PM for our Bar Fights Event (No 5PM and 6PM Classes)


Saturday 3.16.19

“Pushing the Envelope”

5 Rounds For Time: (Teams of 2 – 22 Min Cap)

20 Hang Power Cleans F(115/75) P(135/90) S(155/105)

30 Wall Balls F(14/10) P(20/14) S(30/20)

40/30 Push Ups

WOD Tips:
“Pushing the Envelope” is a partner workout, and today you will be able to decide how the reps are split. When selecting weights for the barbell, it should be something that you can at least do 15 unbroken reps with when fresh, but will likely want to do sets of 5-10 at a time. The Wall-Balls are meant be a little heavier today, but should still be at a weight that you can do 10-15 reps consistently unbroken.  The movement that will get the most taxing for most teams will be the Push-ups. We have a male/female total, but even with that added avoid hitting HUGE sets in the first few rounds, anything more than 5-10 reps at a time is a lot of reps. A good goal for today’s workout is finish between 15-18 minutes.