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CrossFit Week of Workouts 2.11.19

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Who doesn’t love a burpee finish? @saturdaymedia


“It is so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making small improvements on a daily basis.” ― James Clear, Atomic Habits

Monday 2.11.19

Strength/Skill Work: 10 Min EMOM – 3-4 Deadlifts at 65-75% of 1 RM with a 20X1 Tempo


12 Min EMOM: (:45 On/:15 Off)

Min 1) D-Ball Over the Shoulder F(60/50) P(80/60) S(100/80)

Min 2) Side Plank Rotations (Right)

Min 3) Ski Erg for Cals

Min 4) Side Plank Rotations (Left)

WOD Tips:
– Today we will be focusing on hinging movements with the deadlift in the strength being the primary focus for the day.  The goal for the strength si to accumulate 30-40 reps of a solid weight, and we are staying between 65-75%.  This should be heavy, but still a weight that you can fully control the tempo without any issues.  Keep in mind that the EMOM will move pretty quickly and you won’t have a ton of time between sets.  Try to stay at the same weight for most of the EMOM with maybe 2-3 weight adjustments throughout. 
– “Screwball” will move quickly as you are only working at one station for :45 seconds before getting a :15 second rest and transition. Our goal on each station is to stay moving the entire working time on each movement. The D-Ball should be a challenging weight, but something that you can move for :45 seconds without long breaks in between reps. The side plank rotations do not have a tempo today, but they are not being scored today, so take these nice and slow as if there were a tempo. The Ski will be a movement that you can get your heart rate and get a sweat on. The only two movements we are scoring today are the Calories on the Ski and the D-Ball over the Shoulder, so try to push the intensity on these. 


Tuesday 2.12.19

“Inflated Ego”

Every 4 Minutes for 4 Rounds:

400m Run

8 DB Bench Press @ 20X1 Tempo

8 Ring Rows @ 20X1 Tempo

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
– “Inflated Ego” is a Push/Pull workout that will juice those beach muscles up! This is a 4 round workout with a new round beginning every 4 minutes. So, the quicker you finish the work, the more rest you will have after your round. Ideally, we are finish each round in around 3 minutes to give us close to 1 minute of rest before you go out for your next round.  Try to hit the runs at a hard but consistent pace.  If you are going over 2 minutes per run, we will cut the distance down to a 300 m run.  Prioritize the tempo on the bench press and ring rows today and aim for quality sets.  You can build on the bench press weight each round if it feels good, and the ring rows can be broken up into 2 sets if needed to maintain the tempo. 


Wednesday 2.13.19

Strength/Skill Work:  6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2 Front Squats @ 20X1 Tempo – Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes (Build Each Set)


“40 Ounce”

3 Rounds For Time:  (11 Min Cap)

40 Double Unders F(Double Taps)

12 Thrusters F(45/35) P(75/55) S(95/65)

40 Double Unders

12 Front Rack Lunges

WOD Tips:
– The biggest focus today is the front loaded squat. We will be using this in a couple different variations starting in the strength with some heavier front squats. The goal for the strength is to increase weight each set. Today we do have a Tempo that will require you to control the reps on the way down, and to focus on aggressively coming out of the bottom.
– “40 Ounce” will continue with the front loaded squat in both the Thruster and the Front Rack Lunge. Both of the barbell movements should be unbroken throughout the entire workout. Between each of the movements you will be completing Double Unders. If you have double unders but 40 is an aggressive number for you – cut the number down first, or modify to Double Taps as you need.  Each set of dubs should take about 45 seconds or less.  This will be one of our last Open styled WODs before the Open starts next week! Attack this workout with intensity, and have a goal to finish between 7-9 minutes.   

Thursday 2.14.19

“Tour De Jupiter”  

For Time:  (20 Min Cap)

1000-800-600-400-200m Bike Erg

20-16-12-8-4 Med Ball Rotational Throws

10-8-6-4-2 Turkish Get Ups

WOD Tips:
– Today is a form and technique focused day, you should leave today’s class feeling better than you came in. There will be no score on today’s workout except for the weight you use on the Turkish Get Ups, so slow the pace down and focus on movement quality. Through the rounds the reps will decrease, so each round will speed up just slightly. On the Med Ball Rotational Throws and Turkish Get Ups split the reps in half to stay even on both sides. There are no listed weights to use today, so pick whatever weight you can move to the best of its standard.  For the TGU, there should be no bend in the support arm during any point in the movement.  On the MB rotational throws, try to increase the intensity of your throws as the reps decrease.  The Bike will allow you to get a little sweaty, feel free to push the pace here if you wish!

Friday 2.15.19

“CFPB Open Test” – Compare to 1.4.19 and 2.16.18

20 Min AMRAP:
50 Wallballs F(14/10) P/S(20/14)
50 Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)
40 Cal Row
40 Burpees
30 Toes-to-Bar F(Knees to Chest)
30 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups F(Pull Ups/Ring Rows)
20 Power Cleans F(95/65) P/S(135/95)
20 Shoulder to Overhead
AMRAP Bar Muscle Ups in Remaining Time F(Burpee Pull Ups)

*Fitness(10 less reps for each movement)

WOD Tips:

– What a better way to end the Open prep than with the retest of the “CFPB Open Test” which we last tested only about 6 weeks ago . Knowing this is a 20 minute workout, you definitely need to break up your sets and pace well from the beginning. A good goal for most athletes is to get to, or possibly finish, the shoulder to overhead movement.  Choose a weight on the barbell that you can do 10+ reps unbroken with when fresh.  A big sticking point for a lot of athletes is the toes to bar and chest to bar, because they are back-to-back.  Break up your sets early on these and be ready to scale if needed.


Saturday 2.16.19

“It Takes Two”

18 Min AMRAP: (Teams of 2 – Alternating Full Rounds)

200m Run

12 KB Swings F(44/26) P(53/35) S(62/44)

1 Set of Ring Dips

*Partner 2 starts their round when Partner 1 finishes their swings

WOD Tips:
– It Takes Two to make this workout go right! We will be ending this week with a Partner WOD that will have a similar feel to the workout “Helen”. One partner will begin the round with a 200 m run, before coming back into their KB. The KB should be a weight that you can go unbroken for the entire AMRAP. As soon as Partner 1 finishes their swings Partner 2 will begin their run to start the round. Partner 1 will finish their round with 1 set of unbroken Ring Dips. For some athletes this may mean 3-5 reps per round, for others it may mean 8-10+ per round. This workout will be very close to a 1:1 work/rest ratio so make sure you are pushing the pace each round you are working. There will be two scores today, the teams Rounds & Reps – and your total number of Ring Dips. Ring dips can be strict or kipping today or a mixture of both.