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CrossFit Week of Workouts 1.7.19

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Monday 1.7.19

Strength/Skill Work:  Every 75 Seconds for 5 Rounds (10 Sets):

Set 1) 7 DB Bench Press @ 21X1 Tempo

Set 2) 5-7 Australian Ring Rows @ 21X1 Tempo S(Weighted)

“Hot Chocolate”

5 Rounds for Max Reps:

20 Sec Row Sprint for Cals

40 Sec Max Burpees

60 Sec Rest

WOD Tips:
– We will be starting the week off with a Push/Pull Strength WOD, which is the focus of today’s class.  We will be alternating movements every 75 seconds, getting 5 complete rounds at each station. For the DB Bench Press, you may choose to build in weight each set as long as you can control the tempo. For the Australian Ring Rows, the tempo will also be the limiting factor. You may choose to add weight or a box to put your feet on to increase the difficulty.
– Today’s workout is simple on paper, but will push your intensity levels. This is another 1:1 work/rest ratio, meaning while you are working you are pushing as hard as you can. For the row, you only have 20 seconds on the rower so this should be an all out sprint. When the 20 seconds is up, work on a fast transition out of the rower and drop right into your burpees. You have 40 seconds to accumulate burpees, and these reps should also be done very quickly. You will rest a minute before repeating for 4 more rounds. Your score will be the total reps of the two movements during all 5 rounds.

Tuesday 1.8.19

“Happy Ending”

For Time: (15 Min Cap)

90 Double Unders F(180 Singles)

18 Toes to Bar F(Knees to Chest)

9 Squat Cleans F(95/65) P/S(135/95)

90 Double Unders

18 Toes to Bar

7 Squat Cleans F(115/75) P/S(165/115)

90 Double Unders

18 Toes to Bar

5 Squat Cleans F(135/85) P/S(185/125)

*Rest Until the 15 Min Mark, Then Immediately Into 7 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Single Squat Clean

WOD Tips:
-The CrossFit Open is quickly approaching and this is a very familiar format. Today’s WOD will push you to quickly finish a metcon, and then recover as much as possible before going for a heavy squat clean, which we have seen a few times in previous Open workouts. There are some higher skilled movements in today’s WOD, so modify the movements to allow yourself to move quickly, with the goal of finishing in around 12 minutes or less.  If you have double unders but that rep number is aggressive for you – feel free to cut the reps down slightly to fit your current abilities. During the Toes to Bar we would like most people to try and finish these reps in 2-3 sets. Again, you may choose to cut the reps down slightly, or modify to Knees to Chest which is usually used as a scale in the Open. After each round you will be completing squat cleans, with increasing weight and decreasing reps. These should get progressively more challenging, but you should not be failing reps. These will also be a great prep to get you ready for the heavy lift after the metcon. If you finish the metcon before 15 minutes, you will rest until the 15 minute mark. At 15 minutes, you will have a 7 minute window to build to a heavy single squat clean. You will have two scores today, the time it took you to complete the metcon, plus the heaviest weight you hit for the squat clean.


Wednesday 1.9.19

“Strong Hand”

30 Min AMRAP:

100’ D-Ball Front Carry F(60/50) P(80/60) S(100/80)

120’ Sled Push F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

100m SA Farmer’s Carry (50m/Side) F(35/26) P(44/35) S(53/44)

16 Side Plank Rotations (8/Side) @ 3030 Tempo

400m Ski Erg

WOD Tips:
“Strong Hand” is a long 30 min grind, with each movement taking some time to get through. Today’s big focus should be moving with intention, and the quality of movement. For the strongman type movements (D-Ball Carry, Sled Push, and Farmers Carry), we want you to push the weights, but not to the point that you break down in technique. The side plank rotations are a simple movement, but when done with a slow controlled tempo can be a very challenging test. Slow the movement down, and work to get a large range of motion during the rotations. The last movement is the ski erg. This is a longer distance for the ski, so find a consistent pace out of the gate. Because these movements are longer in nature, the goal for the day is to complete 4-5+ rounds.

Thursday 1.10.19


10 Min EMOM:

Min 1) 12/9 Cal Bike Erg S(15/12)

Min 2) 10 Alternating V-Ups + 10 Alternating Lunges S(Jumping Lunges)

Immediately into,

5 Rounds For Time:  (10 Min Cap)

12/9 Cal Bike Erg S(15/12)

10 Alternating V-Ups

10 Alternating Lunges S(Jumping Lunges)

WOD Tips:
Today’s WOD has two familiar styled workouts (EMOM and For Time), sandwiched together into one. This format was first used in BeachFit last week in a workout written by Coach Robby. The first 10 minute EMOM will be a great way to become familiar with the movements, and how long they are going to take you. We have two different options for the Bike Erg Calories, but during the EMOM these should take roughly :45-:50 seconds to complete. The next minute you will have two movements to complete. The Alternating V-Ups and Alternating Lunges should take you around :30 seconds of total time to complete. This will leave you :30 seconds of rest before hopping back on the bike. As soon as the EMOM is up, you will go immediately into 5 rounds for time, of the exact same movements and reps. You will now have no set rest between the movements. There is a 10 minute time cap on the workout, meaning if you completed each EMOM minute with time to spare, you can complete the 5 rounds inside of the 10 minutes. Your score today will be the total time it takes you to complete the 5 rounds.

Friday 1.11.19

Strength/Skill Work: 15 Minutes to Build to a Heavy 5 Deadlift

                                    *20-30 Sec HS Hold After Each Set

“16.4 Remix”

13 Min AMRAP:

15 Deadlifts F(155/105) P/S(225/155)

15 Wall Balls F(14/10) P/S(20/14)

15 Cal Row

15 Handstand Push Ups F(Hand-Release Push Ups)

WOD Tips:
Today’s focus will be the deadlift, which we have in both the Strength and Metcon. In the strength we will be spending 15 minutes working up to a heavy 5 reps. Although we are wanting to get heavy, this does not need to be a 5 rep max. If your technique starts to break down, stop at that weight. After each set, we will be prepping for the HSPU later with a :20-:30 second HS Hold. As the weights get super heavy, you may stop doing the HS after every single set.
 “16.4 Remix” is a twist on a familiar Open workout. The original workout is 55 reps of every movement. Today we are cutting those down to 15 reps, expecting us to get 3 rounds with the faster athletes pushing to get 4 rounds (which would be more than one round of the original workout).  The deadlifts should be a weight that you could do all 15 unbroken if we made you, and these should be substantially lighter than what you found in today’s strength. There are only 15 wall-balls per round, so pick a weight that you can go unbroken every time you get to the wall. There are not a lot of calories so you should be able to push the pace on this movement. The handstand push-up will be the highest skilled movement of the day. You may choose to modify the reps down slightly, or change the movement to Hand Release Push-ups which are usually used as the substitute in the Open.


Saturday 1.12.19

“Together Again”

2 Rounds For Time:  (Teams of 2 – 18 Min Cap)

800m Run Together

40 Box Jumps F(24/20) P/S(30/24)

20 Strict Pull Ups S(Strict Chest to Bar)

WOD Tips:
 “Together Again” is a fun partner workout to end the week. Together you will each start on a 800 m run. However, if one partner gets back in before the other, that partner may start accumulating box jumps. For the Box Jumps, we encourage everyone to try jumping today to a challenging height. If you typically do step-ups, try jumping to a 12 in. box or even stacking some plates today. If you are efficient with the 24/20” in box, today we challenge you to try the 30/24”. You will be sharing all of these reps, so you will have rest time while your partner is working, and you can even alternate reps.  The Strict Pull-ups will also be split between the team. Whatever modification we choose today needs to be strict. If you are able to get 10+ strict pull-ups unbroken, try challenging yourself with a strict Chest to Bar today. We have an 18 minute time cap, but we are challenging teams to try and finish this workout in 13-16 minutes.