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CrossFit Week of WODS 8.5.19

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Monday 8.05.19

Strength/Skill Work: 18 min to find a 3 rep max Front Squat

“V0w2 Testing”

12 min EMOM: (:45 on/:15 off)

Min 1: D-Ball Front Squats (30×1)

Min 2: Banded Deadbugs

Min 3: Max Cal Bike Erg

Min 4: Rest

WOD Tips:
– We have finally made it to the end of our Front Squat cycle. We will be spending the biggest chunk of class working towards a new 3 rep max Front Squat. If you tested in with us originally on June 3rd, make sure you know what your weight was so you have a goal to shoot for. During the 18 minutes use the first 10 minutes warming yourself up so that you can attack the heavier weights in the back half of the time cap. Let’s start August off with a bang.
– Our workout today will be a spicy finisher after our heavy front squats. Pick a weight during the front squats that you can try to stay moving for most of the :45 seconds of work. Keep in mind that you will have a tempo on the squats that could also play a role in the weight you choose. The deadbugs are not meant to be a fast paced movement. Slow down the reps and focus on quality to get the most out of this movement. Our last station will be :45 seconds of Max Calorie Bike Erg. Because there is a rest after this station, we encourage everyone to push as hard as you can. Your score today will be the total number of calories you accumulate through the 3 rounds.



Tuesday 8.06.19

“Acceleration Ramp”

Every 5 minutes for 25 minutes:

21/18 Cal Row F(18/15 Cal)

15 Burpees Over the Bar F(12 Burpees Over the Bar)

9 Power Cleans F(115/75) P(135/95) S(155/110)

*Score is last round time (Goal is to start slow and increase pace each round)

WOD Tips:
– The focus today is PACE. During the 5 rounds of our interval workout, our goal is to slightly increase the pace each round. The score today is your final round time, which should help encourage you to throttle back in the early rounds. The row should take around 1:15 to complete, so modify the calories if needed. For the Burpees Over the Bar stay low and hop over the bar laterally to speed these reps up. For the Power Cleans this should be a weight that you could perform 9 unbroken tap and go reps, however you may choose to opt for smaller sets or quick singles in the first few rounds. We should be finishing the work in around 3:30-4:00 and resting with any remaining time. When we get to the final round it is go time.



Wednesday 8.07.19

“Strict Lynne” (Last completed on 8.8.18)

5 Rounds of: (22 Min Cap)

Max Bench Press F(DB Bench Press 50/25) P(155/85) S(Bodyweight)

Max Strict Pull Ups F(Banded Pull Ups)

*3 Minutes Rest After Each Round

Core WOD

WOD Tips:

Our workout today is a variation of the CrossFit benchmark “Lynne”. When selecting a weight for the bench press, make sure we are able to hit at least 5+ reps every round, with your first set being closer to 8+. On the pull ups, you should be hitting a similar rep range to the bench press, so scale as needed. The 3 minute rest is a nice, long rest to allow you to stay consistent across all 5 rounds. When developing strength, taking adequate rest like this is necessary to allow us to push our limits on each of the 5 rounds. For athletes that are newer to the bench press, or who have shoulder issues, you will want to opt for the DB Bench Press over the barbell today.



Thursday 8.08.19

Walking on Sunshine”

20 min AMRAP:

20/15 Cal Bike Erg

50′ Walking Lunges

200m Run

20 Medball Rotational Throws (10/side)

WOD Tips:
– “Walking on Sunshine” is our flush workout of the week. If you have missed a day or two this week you can push the pace and get a great workout as well. For the Bike Erg we should be finishing the calories around 1:15-1:30 each round. The walking lunges will be broken up into two 25’ increments, and they will be performed at bodyweight. This should allow you to keep moving, while also allowing you to focus completely on movement quality. Everyone should shoot for the entire 200m distance on the run today. For the rotationals throws be intentional with each rep during this movement. This is an easy movement to slack off on, but a great core exercise when done properly.



Friday 8.09.19

Strength/Skill Work: 18 minutes to build to a heavy 5 rep Sumo Deadlift at 20×1 Tempo

*Complete 40 Hollow Flutter Kicks after each set

“Off the Jump”

4 Rounds For Time: (13 min cap)

15 Box Jumps F(Step-ups) P/S(24/20)

12 Deadlifts  F(135/95) P(155/110) S(175/125)

9 Toes to Bar S(3 Bar MU + 9 Toes to Bar)

WOD Tips:
– Our focus today is hinging which we will have in both the strength and the metcon. During the strength we will be giving an open 18 minutes to build to a heavy 5 reps on the Sumo Deadlift. Over the next couple of weeks we will working on the hinging pattern with the end goal being to increase your 5 rep max sumo deadlift. After each set you will have 40 total flutter kicks to help fire up the core. Once the weights start getting heavy, you may choose to stop performing the flutter kicks and focus on your lifts.
– “Off the Jump” will continue with the hinge, this time with the conventional deadlift. Select a weight on the bar that you can hang onto 12 reps unbroken for all 4 rounds. For the Box Jumps we would recommend a jump up and step down to save your legs for the deadlifts. For the gymnastic movement, try to complete all of the reps in 1-2 quick sets. If you know that toes to bar are a strong movement for you, you may choose our sport option today of 3 Bar Muscle-ups before the TTB reps. To complete this workout under the time cap you will need to stay on around a minute per movement.



Saturday 8.10.19

“The Grapes of Wrath”

24 min AMRAP:

30/25 Cal Ski Erg

40 DB Thrusters F(30/20) P(40/30) S(50/35)
50/40 Cal Row

100 Double Unders F(Singles)

WOD Tips:
– “The Grapes of Wrath” will finish out our week with a fun and challenging partner WOD. On all of the movements you may choose to split the reps as you wish, one partner working and one resting. For the Ski and Row we recommend keeping the intensity high, switching off early and often with your partner. For the DB Thrusters pick a weight that you can perform at least 5 reps every time you are working. The Double Unders will be modified to Single Unders if needed. Try to increase pace through each round of this AMRAP.