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CrossFit Week of WODs 4.3.17

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“In baseball and in business (and CrossFit), there are three types of people.  Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”  -Tommy Lasorda

Programming Update: Starting this week, you are going to see a lot more consistent strength and skill work included throughout the week.  The last few months have been heavily focused on endurance and conditioning as we prepared for the Open.  Now that the Open is over, we want to take a step back and rebuild the foundation of strength and skills that allows us to perform our best and stay injury-free.  This is best accomplished in an environment where you aren’t worried about the clock and can allow for adequate rest and recovery between sets. 

Also, in the Open season, we spend a lot of time practicing the same 15-20 movements that regularly show up in the Open workouts.  While these are some of the best and most effective movements that CrossFit has to offer, it can also be beneficial and fun to add more variety to our training.  This will be accomplished via tempo work (ex: pause squats), unilateral work (ex: single arm farmers carries), strongman/odd object movements (ex: d-ball carries), and variations of common movements (ex: banded deadlifts).  This is a theme that will continue for the next few months.

Monday 4/3/17

Strength/Skill Work: 

Pause Back Squats – Every 2 Minutes for 6 Sets Perform 5 Back Squats with 2 Second Pause at the Bottom

(Build in weight)


“Open Ended”
12 Min AMRAP:
60 Double Unders S(30 Dubs/150 Singles)

30 Air Squats
10 Push Press S(95/65) RX(115/80) RTG(135/95)

WOD Tips:

-Today’s pause back squats are a great way to improve your positioning at the bottom of the squat, and improve your strength and power in this lift.  The most important part of this piece is maintaining the tempo and the full 2 second pause at the bottom.  We would rather you stay a little lighter in order to accomplish this.  The first set should be around 50% of your 1 rep max and then you should take small increases from there.

-“Open Ended” is a complementary conditioning piece to go with today’s back squat work.  We will continue the squat theme with a higher volume set of air squats, and add in some shoulders with the push press and double unders.  The goal with this workout is to most of your movements in 1-2 sets.  If you aren’t proficient at double unders, it would be smart to stick with the 30 dubs today instead of the full 60.  For the push press, choose a weight that you can do a couple rounds unbroken with.  These should definitely be a push press today, and not a push jerk. 

Tuesday 4/4/17

Strength/Skill Work:

10 Minutes to Build to a Moderately Heavy Single Power Clean

(Goal is to exceed the last weight you plan to do for the WOD)


“Barbell Cycling”

25 Min AMRAP: (In teams of 3)

80/60 Cal Assault Bike  S(Airdyne)

50 Power Cleans S(95/65) RX(135/95) 

80/60 Cal Assault Bike 

50 Power Cleans S(115/80) RX(155/105)

80/60 Cal Assault Bike 

50 Power Cleans S(135/95) RX(185/135) 

80/60 Cal Assault Bike 

Max Power Cleans S(155/105) RX(205/145)

WOD Tips:

-Today’s workout will be our longest of the week, but will be performed in teams of 3, with only one person working at a time.  The goal with this is to keep the intensity high since we will have plenty of rest between turns.  It is also a good day to try to go heavier with the power cleans.  The strength/skill work is mainly there to allow you time to work up to your heaviest weight of the day.  Try to go slightly above the last weight you plan to do in the workout so you know you can hit that weight at the end of the WOD when you are tired. 

-For the bike, keep your intervals to around 30 seconds or less.  Calories are rewarded exponentially for increases in intensity so as soon as your intensity slows, get off the bike and let your teammates take over. 

-Each round of the bike will be alternated with 50 power cleans, that will be shared amongst the three of you.  The power cleans should start light and will increase each round.  Your starting weight should be a weight that you could do 12+ reps unbroken when fresh.  Your final weight should be one that you could do about 3+ reps unbroken with when fresh.  Choose your weights based on the final weight since that is the goal of the workout, and then work backwards from there. 


Wednesday 4/5/17

Strength/Skill Work

Banded Deadlifts 

Every 2 Minutes for 6 Sets Perform 5 Banded Deadlifts (Build in weight)


“Hot Sauce”
4 Rounds For Time:

(14 Min Cap)

12 Calorie Row

12 Pull Ups RTG(Chest to Bar)

12 Burpees

S(9 Reps of Each)

WOD Tips:

-The banded deadlifts today are a great way to build the muscles of your posterior chain (hamstrings, back, glutes) and also to refine your deadlift form.  Similar to the back squats on Monday, the most important part of this piece is to maintain solid form and a smooth tempo throughout the deadlift.  Start at about 50% of your 1 rep max and take small increases each set. 

-Hot Sauce will be a short “for time” workout that should take 8-12 minutes for most athletes.  This mix of movements should allow you to keep your intensity high and keep minimal rest throughout.  After going heavier on the deadlifts, you should feel strong and powerful on the rower.  Keep your intensity high on the rower and try to get this done in about 45 seconds or less.  The pull ups would ideally be done in 1-3 sets per round. Stay smooth and consistent on the burpees. 

Thursday 4/6/17

“Grab and Go”
20 Min AMRAP:

100 M D-Ball Carry S(50/40) RX(80/50) RTG(100+/80+)

200 M Single Arm Farmer’s Carry (switch every 50 M) S(35/26) RX(44/35) RTG(53/44)

400 M Run
60′ Walking Lunges

120’ Sled Push S(90/45) RX(135/90) RTG(180/135)

Core WOD


WOD Tips:

-Today is more of a recovery day from some of the barbell work earlier in the week, but certainly won’t be an easy day.  Try to challenge yourself on the d-ball and farmers carry where it will be tough to do your sets unbroken and you may even have to put the weights down during the set.  The sled push should also be on the heavier side.  This is a longer workout so pace it out at first.  This is a good opportunity to practice your breathing under load with the 2 carries and the sled push.   

Friday 4/7/17

Strength/Skill Work

Every 90 Seconds for 8 Sets (4 Rounds)

Set 1) 4-6 DB Standing Strict Press with 2 Second Pause at the Top of Each Rep (Build in weight)

Set 2) 4-6 Ring Rows with 2 Seconds Pause at the Top of Each Rep (If able to complete 6+ reps at BW w/ feet elevated, add a vest or sandbag)


“Up and Over”
3 Rounds For Time:  (12 Min Cap)
10/7 Ring Dips S(15/10 Push Ups) RTG(5 Ring Muscle-Ups)
10 Power Snatches S(75/55) RX(95/65) RTG(115/80)
20 Box Jump-Overs S(20/16) RX/RTG(24/20)

WOD Tips:

-Today’s strength-work is focused primarily on the upper body.  We are going to be focusing on developing strength, mobility, and stability in 2 areas where a lot of us need work: the overhead position and the top of a ring row/pull up.  Start light enough with these where you can confidently get 6 reps the first set.  Each round, you can add weight on the strict press and make the ring rows a little more challenging.  The 2 second pause in each movement is the most important so challenge yourself as much as you can while staying within the rep range and not losing the full pause. 

-Up and Over is another short to moderate length workout where you should be able to keep a very high intensity throughout.  Try to challenge yourself on the ring dips/muscle ups and you can even scale the reps if 5 muscle ups or 10/7 ring dips is too much, before scaling the movement.  A good goal for this workout is to be under 9 minutes, or about 1 minute per movement.  This means the snatch should be at a weight that you can do 5-10 reps consistently with. 

Saturday 4/8/17   –

Bring-A-Friend Saturday  (Free CrossFit Classes at 8 and 10 AM and 9 AM BeachFit)


For Time: (In Teams of 3)
1200 M Run (alternating every 200 M)
75 Burpees over the Bar
50 Front Squats S(115/80) RX(135/95) RTG(155/105)
100 Toes to Bar S(50 T2B/100 Knees to Chest)
50 Front Squats
75 Burpees over the Bar
1200 M Run (alternating every 200 M)

WOD Tips:

-Similar to Tuesday’s workout, this will be a longer workout performed in teams of 3, with one person working at a time.  It will start and end with 1200 M of running, where each person will perform a 200 M sprint and then tag the next person in.  Once everybody completes 2, 200 M Runs each then one person can start working on the burpees.  Keep your burpee sets short and fast.  6-8 burpees at a time is ideal.  Choose a weight for front squats that you can do 15+ reps with unbroken when fresh.