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CrossFit Week of WODs 4.10.17

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“There are no big things.  Only lots of little things that add up to big things.” -Ben Bergeron


Monday 4/10/17

Strength/Skill Work: 

Pause Overhead Squats –

Every 2:15 for 6 Sets Perform 5 OHS with 2 Second Pause at the Bottom (Build in weight)


10 Min AMRAP:

5 Strict Handstand Push Ups S(1 Ab Mat or Box HSPU)

12 DB Front Rack Lunges S(50/35) RX(60/40) RTG(70/50)


WOD Tips:

-Today’s strength/skill work is similar to last week’s where we are building strength and stability at the bottom of our squat.  This week we will be working on overhead squats and each set will be taken from the rack.  This will translate really well to the snatch and will get us more comfortable with getting under the bar.  While depth was important last week, it is even more important this week, because of the limitations many of us have in the overhead squat.  Start light and make sure you are hitting full depth on every pause.  The weight this week will be significantly less than last week and that’s okay.  Hitting full range of motion is the main focus.  If you are moving well and are able to add weight, try to take small increases with every set.

-Powerhouse is a shorter couplet of strict handstand push ups and front rack lunges.  Strict handstand push ups are a great way to develop upper body strength and will help us improve our kipping handstand push ups as well as most of our overhead pressing movements.  The reps in this workout are set up to allow you to go unbroken for several rounds.  If you can do 3 or 4 good unbroken strict handstand push ups each round, consider scaling the number of reps before scaling the range of motion with an abmat or going to the box.  If you have to go above 1 ab mat today, try doing the box hspu or a seated db overhead press.  Choose a weight for the db front rack lunges that you can keep unbroken for most of this workout. 


Tuesday 4/11/17


28 Min AMRAP:

(In teams of 3 – Alternating every round)

12/9 Calorie Row

9 Power Snatches S(55/35) RX(75/55)

6 Toes to Bar S(3 T2B/6 Knees to Chest)

WOD Tips:

-Today’s workout is a longer team workout, where your teammates will dictate how much rest you have between rounds.  This is essentially an interval workout where you are resting about twice as long as you are working.  Each round should take a little over a minute to complete and should be treated like a sprint, especially on the rower and the transitions between movements.  You can go a little slower on the power snatches to ensure that your form is good.  Choose a weight on the power snatches where you can stay unbroken for most or all of this workout.  These should be light and a lot of athletes may opt to just do a muscle snatch.  The toes to bar should be unbroken as well, so choose an appropriate amount of reps for you where you can do most or all of your rounds unbroken. 


Wednesday 4/12/17

Strength/Skill Work:

Power Clean Complex – Every 2 Minutes for 6 Sets Perform 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Clean (Build in weight)


“Bouncy Ball”

2 Rounds For Time: (12 Min Cap)

15 D-Balls Over the Shoulder S(50/40) RX(80/50) RTG(100/80)

20/15 Calorie Assault Bike S(Airdyne)

25 Box Jumps S(20/16) RX(24/20)


WOD Tips:

-Today’s power clean complex is the main focus of today’s workout.  You can start with a moderate weight for the complex (around 50-60% of your 1 rep max) and build from there.  The last 3-4 sets should be pretty challenging.  For all of your sets, focus on your footwork and trying to land in your squat stance every time.  As the weight gets heavier, you should have to drop deeper into your “squat” as you catch the bar.  As long as you are still above parallel, then it is considered a good power clean.  Ideally, your last 1-2 sets are caught in this position. 

-Bouncy Ball is a short and intense workout.  Go hard from the beginning since it is only 2 rounds.  The goal for this workout is to be under 9 minutes.  Hitting the proper intensity on the bike is the key to this workout.  Each round on the bike should take about a minute to complete which means you should be pushing yourself here.    


Thursday 4/13/17

“High Five”

5 Min AMRAP:

800 M Run S(600)

Max Wall Balls in Remaining Time S(14/10) RX(20/14)


5 Min AMRAP:

20 GHD Sit Ups

20 GHD Hip Extensions

20 Side Plank Up-Downs (10 each side)


5 Min AMRAP:

800 M Run S(600)

Max Slams in Remaining Time S(30/20) RX(40/30)

*Rest 5 Minutes Between AMRAPs


WOD Tips:

-The main focus of today’s workout is the 2 AMRAPs that start with the runs.  The goal is to have at least a minute remaining for the wall balls and slams.  If you can’t complete the 800 in under 4 minutes, then you can scale to the 600 for one or both of these sections.  Once you get back from the run, try to go as close to unbroken as possible on the wall balls and slams.  You will have 5 minutes of rest between AMRAPs, so you will have plenty of time to recover before the next effort.  The GHD AMRAP should not be as intense as the other 2.  The goal with this one is quality movement and we are looking to complete at least 2 full rounds.  The AMRAPs can be completed in any order, especially in larger classes. 


Friday 4/14/17

Strength/Skill Work:

Every 90 Seconds for 8 Sets: (4 Rounds)

Set 1: 1-2 Rope Climbs (Starting in L-Sit)   Scaled(4-8 L-Rope Pull Ups or Rope Assisted Pull Ups)  RTG(1-2 L-Rope Climbs)

Set 2: 6-8 DB Bench Press @ 21X1 Tempo


“Wild Thing”

For Time: (13 Min Cap)


Burpees Over the Bar

Front Squats S(115/80) RX(155/105) RTG(185/135)

Chest to Bar Pull Ups S(Pull Ups)


WOD Tips:

-Today’s strength focus is upper body strength with rope climbs, bench press, and the chest to bar pull ups in the WOD.  For the rope climbs, today is a good day to try something new and challenge yourself.  We will be introducing some new ways to scale rope climbs to make them harder and easier, as well as progressions you can use to get better at legless and regular rope climbs.  The bench press will be done in conjunction with the rope climbs and the goal is to go heavy.  Start at 8 reps for your first 2 sets and try to add weight every set as long as you still think you can get 6 good reps.  In order to go up, you need to be able to maintain the tempo throughout.  The 21X1 tempo means we are lowering the dumbbells to a 2 second count, pausing for 1 second at the bottom, pressing the dumbbells up as fast as possible (X), and holding them for a second at lockout before lowering them back down. 

-Wild Thing is a recent workout from  It is a shorter workout that will ideally be done in under 10 minutes.  The front squats should be pretty heavy today.  Choose a weight that you can do about 12-15 reps unbroken with when fresh.  The goal is to do most sets unbroken, but you will likely want to break up the round of 12 into 2 sets on the front squats and chest to bar.  In order to go for the RX or RTG on chest to bar, you should be able to get at least 5+ reps unbroken.  Otherwise, stick with chin over bar for today. 


Saturday 4/15/17

“The Swinging Sixties”

For Time: (In teams of 2)

60 DB Push Press S(40/25) RX(50/30) RTG(60/35)

60/50 Calorie Row

60 Kettlebell Swings S(44/35) RX(53/44) RTG(70/53)

60/50 Calorie Assault Bike

60 Hang Power Cleans S(115/80) RX(135/95) RTG(155/105)

*60 Double Unders After Each Movement


WOD Tips:

-The Swinging Sixties will be a longer workout but you will be doing it with a partner, so you will have some rest built in.  Each part of the chipper should take about 3 minutes or less to complete.  Keep your sets on the smaller side (about 10 reps or less) which will allow you and your partner to maintain a steady pace throughout.  After each movement, you will have 60 double unders to complete as a team.  For the double unders, as well as the other movements, feel free to break up the reps unevenly between partners if one person is stronger at a given movement.  Communicate and help each other out when needed.  For the DB push press, kb swings, and hang power cleans, choose a weight that you can do at least 12+ reps unbroken with when fresh.