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CrossFit Week of WODs 12.3.18

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“The Best Preparation for Tomorrow is Doing Your Best Today.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr

Monday 12.3.18
Strength/Skill Work:

15 Minutes to Work to a Heavy Complex of 1 Squat Clean + 1 Pause Front Squat (2 Secs) + 1 Front Squat
*Alternate Between 1 Set of Kip Swings and 1 Set of Ring Rows After Each Set

“Heartbreak Kid” – Compare to 7.24.18 and 5.8.17
3 Rounds For Time: (13 Min Cap)
10 Front Squats F(115/80) P(155/105) S(185/125)
20 Pull Ups F(Ring Rows) S(Chest to Bar)
50 Double Unders F(100 Singles)

WOD Tips:

–  A big focus for today’s WOD is the Front Squat from the floor. During the strength portion of today’s workout we will be building in a Squat Clean complex to get prepped for the workout. Use this as a chance to find the weight you plan to use in the workout, and try to build slightly heavier than that weight. In between the sets we will be alternating between a set of ring rows or kip swings. This will just be used as a chance to prep the body for the C2B, not something we will be scoring.
– “Heartbreak Kid” is a benchmark workout that we have done several times before (7/24/18 & 5/8/17).  This workout is on the shorter side for most people, the goal is to finish it in about 10 minutes or less.  The front squats should be heavier in this workout. This should be a weight that you can do the first round unbroken but may have to break up rounds 2 and 3 into two sets.  The pull ups are the meat of the workout for most athletes, so scale these where it will take you about 60-90 seconds to complete the pull ups each round. This is a workout you will want to pace a little on round 1 and then push hard on rounds 2 and 3.

Tuesday 12.4.18
“Running On My Mind”
18 Min AMRAP:
250m Run
1 Set of Max Strict Handstand Push Ups F(Seated DB Press)
*30 Seconds Rest After Each Round

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
– “Running on My Mind” is a great opportunity to work on your run pacing and strict overhead pressing. While this is technically an interval
workout, the rest between rounds is only 30 seconds, so you definitely want to pace the runs. During the Strict Handstand Push-ups you will be
completing one unbroken set each round, with the minimum being 5 reps. If you are not able to hit 5 reps in one set, complete 5 reps before taking
your break. If you are opting for the DB press, pick a weight that will allow you to get between 5-8 reps each round. After each round, make sure
to look at the clock so that you can get your :30 second rest time before completing your next round. The rest should be just enough time to allow
you to write down your score and get back to the start line. Aim for consistent times and reps on each round today. Your score is the total number of Strict HSPU or DB Press today.

Wednesday 12.5.18
“Good, Clean, Fun”
For Time: (14 Min Cap)
Hang Power Cleans F(95/65) P(135/95) S(155/110)
Burpee Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)
*10/8 Cal Assault Bike After Each Round F(8/6 Cals)

WOD Tips:
– Today our focus is moving with speed. Anytime we see a lower rep number on the movements and a decreasing rep scheme, we know it’s go
time. With that being said, we still want to move well and keep solid technique on the hang cleans. The Burpee Box Jumps are very taxing, but we want you to push the pace with the low number. The longer transition up to the bike will give you a second to catch your breath before attacking
the 10/8 calories. We don’t expect you to hit the same pace as last week on our Cal Bike Sprints, but it still should be completed at an aggressive
pace today. A good goal on today’s workout is to finish around 10-12 minutes.

Thursday 12.6.18
“Sweet 16”
24 Min AMRAP:
16 Wall Balls F(14/10) P/S(20/14)
16 Single Arm Ring Rows @ 20X0 Tempo (8/Side)
32 Double Unders F(32 Double Taps)

16/12 Cal Ski Erg
16 GHD Sit Ups to Parallel

WOD Tips:
“Sweet 16” is a longer AMRAP today that you can treat as a full body flush, or a very challenging workout. The wall-balls should be at a weight that we can go unbroken on at least a couple of rounds, possibly in the later rounds having to take a quick break. The Single Arm Ring Rows are a
challenging upper body movement that also takes a lot of core strength. These will be at a tempo today so walk your feet up or down depending on the level of difficulty you are able to control the reps. We shouldn’t be getting held up on the Double Unders today, but it is a good day to practice them if you are close, feel free to cut the reps down here. For both the Ski Erg and the GHD focus on quality of movement over the speed you are moving today.

Friday 12.7.18
Strength/Skill Work: Every 75 Seconds for 5 Rounds:
Set 1) 5 Banded Deadlifts (Build in Weight)
Set 2) 30 Sec Ring FLR

“Hammer Time” – Compare to 10.5.18
15 Min AMRAP:
7 Deadlifts F(185/125) P(225/155) S(275/185)
21 Push Ups F(14 Ring Push Ups)
500/400m Bike Erg

WOD Tips:
– The focus of the day is the Deadlift, which we will be doing in both the strength and the Metcon. The strength is primarily there to help you work
up to your working weight for the workout, while adding an additional challenge with the band.  Aim to match or slightly exceed the weight you
want to use during the workout by the 5th round. The band will force you to keep the bar close on the deadlifts, while also working on the leg and
hip drive at the top of the deadlift. The Ring FLR hold is another chance to practice all of the hollow holds we have been doing lately, and should
lead in nicely to the push ups in today’s WOD.  
– “Hammer Time” will continue the deadlift theme, and we want you to choose a heavy weight that you can do 7 reps unbroken at, every round.
Even if this means taking a couple seconds longer to get set-up and ready before grabbing the bar, unbroken is the goal for today. For the Push-ups
we should be able to stay with larger sets, hopefully completing the reps in under 3-4 sets. The fitness option today will be less reps of the ring
push-up.  This may sound harder than the traditional push up, but it will allow for easy scaling by walking the feet up. The Bike Erg will be in meters today and will take around a minute to complete, this doesn’t have to be a sprint but with the short distance you should keep the RPM’s high. A good goal for today’s workout would be around 5 rounds

Saturday 12.8.18
“Stand Off”
10 Rounds For Time: (In Teams of 2 – 25 Min Cap)
2 Rope Climbs F(4 RA PUs) S(3 RCs)
18/14 Calorie Row F(14/10 Cals)
18 Lunges S(12 Pistols)

WOD Tips:
– We are ending the week with a fun Partner WOD! Although the workout seems like it will be a longer WOD because of the 10 rounds, we
encourage you both to push the pace as much as possible on all of the movements. You will have plenty of built in rest with your partner working. None of the movements today should be a sticking point for the team. Modify to keep the intensity high, and communicate with your teammate to figure out what is the best plan of attack for the both of you. A good goal for today is to see if you hold 2 minutes or less per round for as long as possible.