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CrossFit Week of WODS 11.4.19

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Monday 11.4.19

Strength/Skill Work: 15 minutes to build to a heavy 5 rep Bench Press (building)
*Between each set perform 12 Alt. DB Bicep Curls

“Climbing the Ranks”
14 minute AMRAP (Partner WOD):

6 Rope Climbs F(6 RA Pull-ups) S(8 Rope Climbs)
40/30 Cal Ski Erg

40/30 Push-ups

WOD Tips:
– Today’s big focus is on horizontal pressing which we have in both strength and metcon. During the strength we will have 15 minutes to build up to a heavy 5 reps on Bench Press. This is not a ton of time to build to a true max, so instead shoot for a heavy weight on the day. Between each set we will be completing 12 Alt. DB Bicep Curls, which are extremely functional, and more importantly will help us prep for the rope climbs! Have fun.
– “Climbing the Ranks” is a partner AMRAP. During this workout one person will be working, while the other is resting. You can split the reps however you wish, or you can come up with a plan based off of each others strengths and weaknesses. Each movement will take around 1:30-2:00 to complete, and with movements like the push-ups we recommend smaller sets to avoid burnout. The goal for everyone today is 2.5 – 3 rounds!



Tuesday 11.5.19

“Disco Ball”

5 Rounds 3:00 on/1:30 off:
Buy-in: 700/600m Bike Erg F(600/500m)

10 D-Ball Cleans F(60/40) P(80/60) S(100/80)
Max Rep Box Jumps F(Step-ups) P(24/20”) S(30/24”)

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
– The biggest focus of the day is on pacing. Although this workout has rest built in, you start every round with a longer distance Bike Erg. Coming out too hot on the Bike Erg could make the rest of the round very challenging. Instead, shoot to hold a consistent pace on the Bike that will let you finish under 1:30 seconds. You will then go directly into 10 D-Ball Cleans. Pick a weight on the D-Ball that forces you to break the rep into two movements, the deadlift and hip extension. Completing 10 reps will take around :45 seconds to a full minute. This will you around :30 seconds to accumulate max box jumps. Today we want you to challenge your normal height just slightly. If you typically step-up, today try to jump even to small box or plates!



Wednesday 11.6.19

Strength/Skill Work: 15 minutes to complete 3-4 sets of 5 Back Squats @ 60-70% of 1 Rep Max (31×1)
*After each set perform 40 Hollow Body Flutter Kicks

“Popcorn Chicken”
3 Rounds (10 min cap) :

10 D-Ball Front Squats F(50/30) P(60/40) S(80/60)
15 Pull-ups F(Jumping Pull-ups) S(C2B)
200m Run

WOD Tips:
– The big focus today is the Squat, which we will have in both the strength and metcon. During the strength portion, you will have 15 minutes to complete 3-4 sets of 5 Back Squats. The percentages given today are lower because of the tough tempo that is attached to each rep. For the tempo we will be going down with a 3 second count, have a 1 second pause in the bottom, and the exploide up. Use this as a chance to improve your squat technique. Between each set we will perform 40 Hollow Body Flutter Kicks to help prep the core for the Toes to Bar in the workout.
– “Popcorn Chicken” will also include the squat in this 3 round sprint. The D-Ball Front Squats will be in our Front Carry position, above the belly button and below the shoulders. This should be a weight that you can hang onto unbroken for all 3 rounds. The Pull-ups will add up quickly in this workout. Use a number on the reps that you can complete the reps in 1-2 quick sets. For the 200m run try to push the pace knowing that there is only 3 total runs. The goal for this workout is 7-9 minutes.



Thursday 11.7.19

The Ghost”

6 Rounds for Max Reps:

1 Minute of Row for Calories

1 Minute of Burpees

1 Minute of Double Unders F(Dub Practice)

*1 Minute of Rest After Each Round

WOD Tips:

-“The Ghost” is a great aerobic workout that we last repeated on 8/12/15. In this WOD, you will have separate scores for Row, Burpees, and Double Unders, but it’s important to do your best on each component, not just the areas where you are strongest.  The 1 minute rest goes by quick, so pace it just enough where you can recover for the next round. You will need to transition quickly from station to station since there is no rest between exercises. Unless you still need to work on your singles, everyone should be attempting to do double unders today. If you have been coming all week and want to use this as more of an active recovery day, take the first round easy and then try to hold those numbers for the remaining 5 rounds. 



Friday 11.8.19

Strength/Skill Work: 12 minutes to build to a moderate Power Clean Double

Clean-up on Aisle 3”

For Time (16 min cap):

400m Run


Power Cleans F(115/75) P(135/95) S(155/105)

Toes to Bar (Toes to Rings)

400m Run


Power Cleans F(115/75) P(135/95) S(155/105)

Toes to Bar (Toes to Rings)

400m Run

WOD Tips:
– Our big focus today is the Power Clean which we will have in both the strength and metcon. During the strength you will only have 12 minutes to build in weight, so we are looking for this to be a moderate weight, just over what you plan to use in the WOD. We will be completing the double as two seperate singles, with a 5-10 second rest between.
– Our workout today will be a longer For Time workout. You will essentially have 2 small workouts sandwiched by 400m runs. The runs should be used as a chance to flush the arms before getting back to the barbell and toes to bar. For the Power Cleans we want you to pick a weight that you could hang onto unbroken for the sets if you were forced, but this may be a good WOD to do quick singles throughout. For the toes to bar pick a variation that will allow you to stay unbroken throughout. The key to this workout is minimizing the transition times as much as possible.



Saturday 11.9.19
“Open 20.5”