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CrossFit Week of WODs 11.25.19

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Monday 11.25.19

“Triple Dipper”
18 min EMOM:
Min 1: 3 Hang Squat Cleans from Position 1 @ 60-65%
Min 2: 1-2 sets of Strict Ring Dips @ 20×1 Tempo
Min 3: 60 ft. Sled Push F(135/90) P/S(180/135)

WOD Tips:
– Today marks Day 1 of our Squat Clean progression. Over the next few weeks our focus will be on technique and getting under the bar quicker, before we switch our focus to strength. During this 18 minute EMOM we will be starting with 3 consecutive Hang Squat Cleans from Position 1. Position 1 is the most challenging position for most, because it requires you to generate all of you power from a small dip and drive rather than a hinge. Be sure to stay inside your percentages as we will continue getting heavier each week. Minute 2 will be a 1-2 quality sets of Strict Ring Dips at a small tempo. Over the next few weeks you will also see a lot more strict gymnastics built into the weekly programming. You will finish the EMOM with 1 quick and explosive 60 ft. Sled Push. These will be slightly heavier, but should be completed quickly giving you plenty of time to rest before your Squat Cleans.



Tuesday 11.26.19

“Working Up an Appetite”
15 min AMRAP:

60 Double Unders F(100 Single Unders)

20 Sit-ups

4-8 Strict Pull-ups F(2-4 Negatives) S(Strict Chest to Bar)

Strength/Accessory: Every 75 seconds for 8 sets:

Set 1: 4-6 DB Bent Over Rows @ 20×1 Tempo

Set 2: 4 Side Plank Rotations/side

WOD Tips:
– “Working Up an Appetite” will be a moderate AMRAP with the big focus being on Strict Pull-ups. For the Pull-ups we would like these to be completed in 1-2 quality sets. There is a big range attached to this to allow you to pick a number that fits you. If you can complete 8 Strict Pull-ups easily, you may choose to scale up to Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups. If we can not complete at least 2 Strict Pull-ups unbroken, modify them with 2-4 SLOW negatives. For the Double Unders modify the number down if needed, or if you are still working on getting them feel free to change them to Single Unders. On the Sit-ups, focus on keeping your hips glued to the floor and sitting all the way up at the top of each rep.
– After the WOD we will have a Strength Accessory piece. This will be a great time for those of us that struggle with Strict Pull-ups to get some more heavy pulling in, this time in a different plane. We will be alternating the Rows with a Side Plank Rotation. Feel free to slightly increase weight each round or stay at one weight the entire time.



Wednesday 11.27.19


12 min EMOM:

Min 1: 18 Step-ups

Min 2: 15/12 Cal Bike Erg

Min 3: 12/9 Cal Ski Erg

Min 4: :30 second D-Ball Front Hold F(60/40) P(80/60) S(90/70+)

Immediately into…

3 Rounds for Time: (12 min cap)

18 Lunges
15/12 Cal Bike Erg
12/9 Cal Ski Erg
120 ft. D-Ball Front Carry
F(-2 Cals) S(+2 Cals)

WOD Tips:
– If you have been with us on Thursday for the past couple of weeks, you will recognize this format. This version will be much more cardio focused than in the past two weeks to keep your body feeling fresh before we attack “Glen” tomorrow on Thanksgiving morning. Ideally all of the movements are taking :45-50 seconds to complete. The EMOM should be treated as a primer and give you the opportunity to decide the rep numbers you will be trying to sustain. Avoid pushing too hard in the EMOM, and instead pacing yourself to have an extra push on the 3 Round For Time portion. A few of the movements will change to allow you to move quicker. The Step-ups will change to Lunges in place, and the D-Ball Hold will turn into a D-Ball Front Carry. You can modify all movements, or modify movements individually to make this workout fit you.



Thursday 11.28.19 – Thanksgiving (Holiday Hours)


For Time: (40 Min Cap)

30 Clean and Jerks F(95/65) P(115/80) S(135/95)

1 Mile Run F(1200m)

6 Rope Climbs F(18 RA Pull Ups) S(10 RCs)

1 Mile Run F(1200m)

60 Burpees S(100 Burpees)

WOD Tips:

– Today’s workout is a Hero WOD in honor of former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, of Winchester, Massachusetts, that died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

-The official Hero WOD as originally written is our “Sport” option for today. This is obviously a LONG workout. Pace it early and aim to be consistent throughout. You still want to have something left in the tank when you get to the burpees at the end. Choose a weight that you can string together 8+ reps of for the clean and jerks when fresh. Don’t shoot for big sets during the workout though. Opt for singles or 10 sets of 3.  You won’t be able to make up a lot of time on the clean and jerks since they are a small percentage of the entire workout, but you can certainly go out too hard and make it difficult to recover for the rest of the workout.  Take your time on these. We want most athletes trying to do the full 2 miles of running today, and scaling the other movements as needed. If you know the mile run will take you over 10 minutes each, then scale this down to a 1200m run instead.  The burpees at the end will be a grind.  Try to mentally break it up into sets of 6-10 reps with short rest between.



Friday 11.29.19Thanksgiving (Holiday Hours)
Strength/Skill: Every 2:30 for for 6 Rounds: 6, 5, 4, 6, 5, 4 Back Squat

*Between each set perform 4-6 Side Plank Leg Lifts/side

“Food Coma”

4 Rounds For Reps: (:40 on/:20 off):
Wall-Balls F(14/10) P(20/14) S(25/16+)
Cal Row
10 Alt. V-ups + Tuck Hold

WOD Tips:
– The big focus today is the Squat which we will have in both the Strength and Metcon. During the strength we will be bringing back the wave format which we have not used in a while. The goal is to slightly increase the weight as the rep number decreases, and also increase the weights from the first wave to the second. Between each set we will be performing 4-6 Side Plank Leg Lifts per side. Once the weight gets heavy, you may choose to cut these out to get more rest.
– “Food Coma” is an interval workout going for total max reps. You will have :40 seconds at each station, with a :20 rest and transition time. Try to find a pace on Round 1 that you can sustain through all 4 Rounds – this is an easy workout to come out too hot on and crash. Pick a weight on the wall-ball that you can hang onto unbroken or have 1 quick break during the :40 seconds of work. After your 10 Alternating V-ups you will spend the rest of the time in a Tuck Hold. The Row gives you a chance to push the pace, as long as it is repeatable for the coming rounds! Your score today is your total Wall-Balls and Cals on the Row.



Saturday 11.30.19
“Pilgrims and Indians”
18 min AMRAP:

4 Power Snatch F(95/65) P(115/75) S(135/85)

6 Deadlifts

8 Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)

*Alternate Full Rounds

WOD Tips:
– We will be wrapping this week up with a fun partner WOD! During this 18 minute AMRAP you and your partner will be alternating FULL rounds. Because this is close to a 1:1 work to rest ratio we want you to push hard during your working time. Pick a weight on the Snatches that allow you to move through with quick singles. The deadlifts should be unbroken, as they will feel much lighter than the Snatches. Today is a great day to try to jump to something, even if that means stacking some plates. Your score today will be the total number of rounds and reps you and your partner accumulate.