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CrossFit Week of WODs 11.13.17

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“Seek constant, critical feedback. If you don’t know how you’re doing, you won’t know what to improve. Focus ruthlessly on where you need help.” -Daniel Pink

Monday 11.13.17
Strength/Skill Work: 3 Rounds of:
20 Alternating DB Floor Press (10/Arm) – Build in Weight
-Rest 20 Seconds-
20 Single Arm Ring Row (10/Arm)
-Rest 1-2 Minutes-

“Would You Rather?”
3 Rounds for Max Reps:
1 Min Assault Bike
1 Min Ring Dips S(Box Dips)
1 Min Rope Climbs
*1 Min Rest Between Movements

WOD Tips:
-Today’s workout is focused primarily on working and strengthening the upper body through various pushing and pulling movements. The strength work today will
challenge your stability with 2 single arm movements. With the floor press, the DBs will start locked out and stay locked out as you alternate pressing with the
opposite arm. This added challenge coupled with the high reps will make this movement very tough. Start on the lighter side and build each set if possible. For the
single arm ring rows, quality is the name of the game. This movement requires a lot of stability in the shoulders and through the entire core. The goal here is to keep
the same positioning with your body that you would have if you were doing a normal ring row, meaning your body stays square to the rings throughout the entire
movement. Compared to the standard ring row, this is significantly more difficult, so be ready to walk your body up at an angle to perform this movement correctly.
-“Would you rather” is a continuation of the upper body theme from the strength work. It is only 9 minutes of work, so we want you to go hard during each working
interval, especially on the bike. For the ring dips and rope climbs, aim to move as efficiently as possible so you can sustain your reps across all 3 rounds. Its okay to
see a little drop off in reps from round to round, but each round should be close to the previous round.

Tuesday 11.14.17
Strength/Skill Work:

8-10 Minutes to Practice the Power Clean Complex (1 High Hang PC + 1 Mid-Thigh Hang PC + 1 Hang PC from Top Knee)

“Clean Eating”
6 Rounds For Time: (16 Min Cap)
200 M Row
6 Hang Power Cleans S(115/75) RX(135/95) RTG(155/105)
200 M Run S(100 M)

WOD Tips:
-Today is a great opportunity to improve your technique and positions on the clean. One of the most common errors that we see with the clean is that athletes tend
to pull early with the arms, instead of staying patient, and fully utilizing the legs and hips. Today’s skill work is an opportunity to improve that without the pressure of
the clock or the desire to go heavy. Think of this as a practice session. Stay light and work towards perfecting your technique, rather than adding weight. You can
add small amounts of weight throughout, but stay below 60% of your max clean.
-“Clean Eating” is a cardio-focused workout with more hang cleans sandwiched in the middle. It’s important to take the progress you made in the strength piece and
keep that going for the WOD. Choose a weight that allows you to stay patient and still hit your positions. This should be a weight that you can do unbroken for all 6
rounds, although it should definitely get tough in the later rounds. Since the row and the runs take up the majority of the time in this workout, keep a hard, but
sustainable pace on these, and try to speed up on that 6 th and final round.

Wednesday 11.15.17
Strength/Skill Work:

Every 4 Mins for 4 Rounds: (16 Mins)
4 Back Squats @ 43X1 Tempo
*Max Dead Stop Triple Jump (R/L/Both)

“Buttery Popcorn”
Every 5 Mins for 3 Rounds: (15 Mins)
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs S(20/16) RX/RTG(24/20)
20 Pull ups S(10-12 Pull ups/Ring Rows) RTG(CTB Pull ups)
30 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX(20/14) RTG(30/20)

WOD Tips:
-Building on the pause back squats from last week, we are doing a similar format this week. This week you will be performing one less rep per set, but with be tripling
the pause at the bottom of each rep. This will really require you to stay tight and engaged in the bottom of the squat, where many of our athletes typically lose
tension. Make sure you get a good deep breath at the top of each rep, since breathing can be difficult while performing this type of tempo work. The goal for this
would be to hit a similar weight to last week, depending on how heavy you went relative to your strength last week. Also similar to last week, we are combining the
back squats with an explosive jumping movement. Like the tall box jumps, the triple jump will help us to create a lot of power from a dead-stop position. On these,
we are looking for the perfect combination of power and control. In order for your set to count, you will need to show control on the landing of each rep, and pause
before going into the next rep. This will work a lot of the stabilization muscles around the ankle, knee, and hip. If you have any ankle, knee, or hip issues, consider
going with an alternative movement today.
-“Buttery Popcorn” is an interval workout where you will get more rest the faster you go. It is only 3 rounds total, so go out hard here and see if you can hold on in
those later rounds. Each set should take about 3 ½ – 4 minutes to perform, which will give you about 60-90 secs rest between rounds. This isn’t a ton of rest for the
work you are putting in, but because it is only 3 rounds, we still want you going hard here. Pick a standard for pull ups, that you can do in no more than 4-5 sets per
round. For the wall balls, choose a weight that you can do in 2-3 sets per round. On the last round, push a little harder to see if you can go unbroken or close to it.

Thursday 11.16.17
“Forrest Gump”
5 X 3 Min AMRAPs:
400m Run S(250m) RTG(500m)
15 Russian KB Swings S(44/35) RX(53/44) RTG(70/53)
AMRAP Double Unders in remaining time
*90 Secs Rest Between AMRAPs
Core WOD

WOD Tips:
-“Forrest Gump” is all about the running today. With each 3-minute interval, the running should take about 2 minutes of that interval. If you can consistently run a
400 in 1:45 or less, we want you doing the 500m runs today. Likewise, if you know 400s consistently take you more than 2:15, than go down to the 250 today. The
KB swings should be unbroken each round and only take about 20-30 seconds total. This should leave you with about 30 seconds to get as many double unders as
you can. If you still need work on your singles, then do those today, otherwise, use this as an opportunity to get some double under training in.

Friday 11.17.17
“Double Double”
16 Rounds For Time (In teams of 2 – Alternating Full Rounds)
10/8 Cal Row S(8/6 Cals) RTG(12/10)
8 Double KB Front Rack Lunges S(35/17) RX(44/26) RTG(53/35)
6 Double KB Push Press S(35/17) RX(44/26) RTG(53/35)
WOD Tips:
-“Double Double” is a partner workout to end the week before tomorrow’s Better Half Battle competition. This is a sprint-interval workout, where 1 partner will be
completing a full round on their own, before the other partner goes. The row is mainly where the sprint will come in, since the lunges and push press shouldn’t be
performed excessively fast. This is also where most of the scaling will take place. If you are a strong rower and can sustain a high power output (1500+/1200+), go
for the RTG Cals today. If you are not a strong rower and will lose your intensity over the full 10/8 cals (<1100,<900), consider scaling to 8/6 cals. In this workout, it’s
better to keep a high intensity for a short period of time, then a low intensity for a longer time. When choosing a weight for the lunges and push press, both
movements should be tough, but still light enough that you can confidently go unbroken for all 16 rounds (8 each).

Saturday 11.18.17

 4 th Annual Better Half Battle Today at 9:30 AM! No Classes Today!
Open Gym 7 AM – 1 PM in the North Building.

Sunday 11.19.17 

BeachFit at 9 AM. Mobility Class at 9:45 AM. Open Gym Until Noon.
“Sunday Safari”
20 Min AMRAP:
1 trip through Agility ladder 
30ft Side Shuffle (both directions)
20 MB Russian Twists 
10 Ball slams 
10 Alt. Hanging knee raises 
30 seconds of wall sit 
1 Backwards run back to Start