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CrossFit Week of WODs 10.9.17

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“I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once, buy I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.” -Bruce Lee

Monday 10/9/17
Strength/Skill Work: Every 75 seconds for 6 Sets Complete 2 Snatch High Pulls + 1 Power Snatch (Build in weight when possible. Focus on
“Skip and Rip”
5 Rounds For Time: (9 Min Cap)
35 Double Unders S(20 Dubs/100 Singles)
5 Power Snatches S(95/65) RX(135/95) RTG(155/110)

WOD Tips:
-Today is all about the power snatch. We will be starting with some technique work and an opportunity to lift heavier if you are moving well. The
snatch high pull is a great way to simplify the first 2 pulls of the snatch, without having to worry about doing the full movement. It is also a great
way to practice keeping the bar close to the body. Start light on the complex and build only if your form feels very good.
-“Skip and Rip” is a short and intense workout to finish off the day. The double unders will give a little break from the weight of the snatches, but
will also add to the grip fatigue in this workout. Pick a weight for the snatches that you could do at least 7+ reps unbroken when fresh. For the
workout, some may opt to break this up into single snatches, but the rest between reps should be minimal. This should be a short and hard effort
and the goal is to complete it under 7 minutes.

Tuesday 10/10/17
“Ridin’ Dirty”
20 Min AMRAP:
20/15 Cal Bike S(15/12)
20 KB Deadlifts S(44/35) RX(53/44) RTG(70/53)
20 DB Front Rack Lunges S(35/25) RX(45/30) RTG(50/35)

WOD Tips:
-“Ridin Dirty” is a 20 Min AMRAP with 2 weighted movements, so you will definitely want to pace this one right from the beginning. Consider
breaking up the deadlifts and lunges starting in the first round, so you can keep your sets consistent as you get fatigued. The addition of the
kettlebells and dumbbells today, will pose a unique challenge for the deadlifts and lunges. Compared to the barbell, these require more core
stability and will feel heavier than if you were to use the same weights on a bar. Choose weights for these movements that you could do 20+
unbroken reps with if we required it.

Wednesday 10/11/17
“Huff, The Magic Dragon”
3 Rounds For Max Reps (Goal is 85% intensity with consistent reps from round to round)
In 3 Minutes Complete:
25 Box Jumps S(20/16 or Step Ups) RX(24/20) RTG(30/24)
AMRAP Strict Handstand Push ups S(Seated DB Press) RTG(Deficit Strict HSPU)
-rest 1 minute-
In 3 Minutes Complete:
25 Burpees to 6’ target S(20 Burpees) RTG(30 Burpees)
AMRAP Strict Pull ups S(Strict Banded Pull Ups) RTG(Strict Chest to Bar)
-rest 1 minute-
WOD Tips:
-Today’s workout is a nice mix of aerobic conditioning and upper body strength training. For each interval, the goal is to take about 2 minutes to
complete the buy-in, and to have about a minute to work on the AMRAP in the remaining time. While we won’t be using any weights today, this is
still a great opportunity to build upper body strength. Strict handstand push ups and strict pull ups are some of the most potent exercises out
-The main objective for today is consistency with your pace and consistency with your repetitions. Aim to complete the box jump and burpee buy
ins in a consistent time each round and then see if you can get the same amount of handstand push ups and pull ups from round to round. It’s
okay to save some in the tank on rounds 1 and 2, and then give it a little extra push on round 3 to match or beat your reps from the previous

Thursday 10/12/17
3 Rounds For Reps and Quality:
:40 Ski Erg for Cals
:40 Landmine Twists

:40 Row for Cals
:40 Pikes on Sliders
:40 Backwards Sled Pull S(90/45) RX/RTG(135/90)
:40 Farmer’s Carry S(53/44) RX(70/53) RTG(88/70)
:40 Ring Body Saw S(Plank Transfers)
*:20 Seconds Rest Between Movements

WOD Tips:
-“Handyman” is a great Thursday active recovery type of day, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these movements today. The focus today is
working on some new movement patterns and building core strength and awareness. The landmine twists, pikes, and body saws are all very
challenging on the core, so these movements should definitely get tough by the 2 nd and 3 rd round.
-You can push the intensity on the ski erg, the rower, and the sleds today, but most importantly we want to move as well as we can on the other
movements. Quality is way more important than quantity today.

Friday 10/13/17
Strength/Skill Work: Every 2 minutes for 5 Sets Complete 4 Front Squats (Start at 70% and Build)
“Hung Up”
3 Rounds For Time: (16 Min Cap)
8 Hang Squat Cleans S(95/65) RX(135/95) RTG(155/110)
200 M Run S(100)
24 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX(20/14) RTG(30/20)
200 M Run S(100)
WOD Tips:
-The focus of today is the front squat, which we will be doing in the strength work, and then touching on again with the hang squat cleans and wall
balls. For the strength work, all 5 working sets should be pretty tough. You will start at 70% for set 1, and try to increase a little bit each set. Work
up to a heavy set of 4 that you can confidently hit.
-“Hung Up” is a leg heavy workout, where the runs will provide a little bit of recovery between sets of squat cleans and wall balls. Choose a weight
for the squat cleans that you can do at least the first round unbroken. For the wall balls, you should have a weight that you could do at least 30+
unbroken reps with when fresh. Try to do the wall balls in 1-2 sets per round.
-The runs will provide a nice break between the squatting movements, but don’t let yourself drop off too much here. Keep a steady pace on the
runs and then try to push the pace on the final round. The goal for this workout is to finish under 14 minutes.

Saturday 10/14/17

 Beach WOD Today at Marcinski Park/Juno Beach at 9:30 AM. Drinks and BBQ to follow. Open gym 7-9 AM.