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CrossFit Week of WODs 10.7.19

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Monday 10.07.19

Strength/Skill Work: 10 min EMOM of 1 Clean and Split Jerk @ 75-85%

“Hanging on by a Thread”

2 Rounds (Partner WOD):
60 Wall-Balls F(16/10) P/S(20/14)

40/30 Cal Bike Erg S(50/40)
20 Clean and Jerks F(95/65) P(135/95) S(165/110)
*15 minute cap

WOD Tips:
– Our big focus today is the Clean and Jerk which we have in both the strength and metcon. During the strength we will be hitting 1 Clean and Split Jerk every minute for 10 minutes. We have been prepping the split jerk the past couple of weeks, and now it is time to combine it with the clean. If you don’t know your 1 rep max, pick a weight that is challenging but that you can hit with good technique.
– “Hanging on by a Thread” will be also have the clean and jerk, but this time focused on a quicker cycle time. This should be a weight that you could do 5 unbroken if we asked you to, but you may choose to do fast singles in the WOD. All of the reps will be split between you and your partner as you wish during the 2 rounds. Because the workout is only 2 rounds push yourself to hang onto the wall-balls for bigger sets, while switching off on the bike when you feel the intensity dropping. The goal for this workout is to finish around 12 minutes.



Tuesday 10.08.19

“Lead Foot“ (Repeat from 3.12.19)
4 Min AMRAP:

27/21 Calorie Row

27 Burpees

27 Chest to Bar Pull Ups F(Pull Ups/Ring Rows)

4 Min AMRAP:

21/15 Calorie Row

21 Burpees

21 Toes-to- Bar F(Knees to Chest)

4 Min AMRAP:

15/9 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

15 Pull-ups F(Jumping Pull Ups)

*Rest 4:30 Between AMRAPs

WOD Tips:

-Today we will be tackling “Lead Foot”, a repeat workout from 7.16.18 and 3.12.19. During each 4 minute AMRAP the reps decrease, gymnastic movements changes, and we are expecting you to get further through each time. In the first AMRAP, getting a good chunk of chest to bar pull ups done would be a good goal. During the second AMRAP, we hope to complete the Toes to Bar, and by the last AMRAP, we are hoping to complete the row on round 2.  For the gymnastics movement each round, make sure you are able to get sets of 5+ reps at a time, at whatever standard you choose.  This will keep the intensity of this workout high, and keep you working for most of the 4 minute interval.  Our score today is going to be total reps.



Wednesday 10.09.19

Strength/Skill Work: Every 75 seconds for 8 Rounds:

Set 1: 6-8 DBL DB RDL (30×1)

Set 2: 6-8 Side Plank Rotations (30×1)

“Sixteen Candles”
16 min AMRAP:

20 Russian KBS F(44/26) P(53/35) S(62/44)
18 Box Jumps F(Step-ups) P/S(24/20”)
16/12 Cal Ski Erg
240 ft. D-Ball Shoulder Carry F(60+/40+) P(80+/60+) S(100+/80+)

WOD Tips:
– This week we are taking a deload from our Sumo Deadlifts before we retest our 5 rep max next week. However, we still want to hit the movement pattern this week using the DBL DB RDL. Pick a weight on this that allows you to stay true to the 3 second tempo on the lowering phase. We will be alternating this with 6-8 Side Plank Rotations.
– “Sixteen Candles” will continue with the hinge pattern during the Russian KBS. Pick a weight on the swings that you can complete in 1-2 sets every round. The Box Jump reps will add up quickly through this workout so modify to a height that lets you stay moving, switching to step-ups if needed. Try to complete the Ski Calories in around 1 minute. The D-Ball Shoulder Carry can be as heavy as you wish, walking one lap around the rig on one shoulder, then switching shoulders for another lap. Avoid coming out too hot on this workout, instead try to find something you can sustain.



Thursday 10.10.19

The Arnold Classic”
20 min EMOM (:50 on/:10 off):

MIn 1: 6-8 DB Bench Press (AHAP)

Min 2: 1-2 Rope Climbs F(4-6 RA Pull-ups) S(3 Rope Climbs)

Min 3: Max Cal Bike Erg

Min 4: Rest


WOD Tips:
– “The Arnold Classic” will be a chance to build in the DB Bench Press. During the 20 minute EMOM we will be staying at one station for :50 seconds, with :10 seconds to rotate and rest between. For the Bench Press you will be building to a heavy 6-8 reps, increasing the weight ideally each round. For the Rope Climbs use this as a time to practice the movement. Because it is meant for practice, pick a rep number that you can work through quickly, not something that takes you nearly the entire minute. On the Bike Erg we want you to push this as hard as possible the entire :50 seconds, knowing that you will get a rest right after. You will always get rest right after the Bike Erg, and right before the Bench Press.



Friday 10.11.19

Strength/Skill Work: Every 2:30 for 5 rounds perform 2 Front Squats @ 80-90% of 1 Rep Max
*After each set perform 12-16 Alt. V-ups

Gimme the Loot”

Every 4 minutes for 12 minutes perform:

400m Run F(300m)

10 Front Squats F(75/55) P(95/65) S(115/75)

30 Double Unders F(Plate Hops) S(50 Dubs)

*Score is slowest round

WOD Tips:
– Our big focus today is the Front Squat, which we have in both the strength and the metcon today. During the strength you will be given time to build up to 80-90% of your 1 Rep Max, before completing your 5 rounds of 2 reps. If you don’t know your 1 Rep, this should be a challenging 2 reps, but we should not pick a weight that we might fail. Between each set for some core accessory we will be perform 12-16 Alt. V-ups.
– “Gimme the Loot” is a very quick 3 round interval workout. Your goal is to finish 1 round as fast as possible, and then rest with remaining time until the 4 minute mark to start the next round. Ideally we are completing each round in close to 3:00 minutes to give at least 60 seconds of rest. For the runs try to push the pace knowing there is only 3 rounds. The Front Squats should be a weight that you can complete unbroken every single round. Today the Double Unders need to be quick so modify the number as needed, or change the movement to Plate Hops. Your score today will be your slowest round of the 3.



Saturday 10.12.19

“Open WOD 20.1”