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CrossFit Week of WODS 10.21.19

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Monday 10.21.19

Strength/Skill Work: Every 1:30 minutes for 8 rounds perform 3 Hang Power Cleans (building)

“Run DMC”
For Time (16 minute cap):

600m Run
15 Hang Power Cleans @ 60-70% of Strength
9 Burpee Box Jumps F(Burpee Step-ups) P/S(24/20”)
400m Run
12 Hang Power Cleans
9 Burpee Box Jumps
200m Run
9 Hang Power Cleans
9 Burpee Box Jumps

WOD Tips:
– The focus today is the Hang Power Clean which we will have in both the strength and the WOD. During the strength you will be building in weight every round until you find a heavy 3 reps for the day. This does not need to be a PR attempt, as we will be using a percentage of this weight later in the workout. There will be 8 rounds, so be cautious on how fast you build in weight.
– “Run DMC” will also include the Hang Power Clean. This weight will be based off of your strength, but should be something you can complete in 2 quick sets or less as the numbers decrease. The run distance will also decrease each round. This is meant to be a faster workout, so try to push yourself on the run today, know that each round will get slightly shorter. The Burpee Box Jumps will stay the exact same every round, so find a steady pace from the beginning. A good goal for this workout will be to finish between 13-15 minutes.



Tuesday 10.22.19

“A Long Time Coming”

20 min AMRAP:

100 Double Unders F(200 singles)

50 Wall-Balls F(14/10) P/S(20/14)

40/30 Cal Row

30 Toes to Bar F(Toes to Rings) S(10/6 BMU + 20 TTB)

WOD Tips:
– “A Long Time Coming” is a chipper style workout with a focus on the gymnastic movement today. This is not a workout that will allow you to get many rounds, but instead will allow you to spend time at a station working on a specific movement. The gymnastics movement should taken slower with technique in mind. Try to stop and rest as soon as you feel your form breakdown to avoid burnout to early in this workout, and keep the quality high. If you love toes to bar and have bar muscle-ups, you will be given the option to do both. For each of the other movements pace yourself out and control your breathing as you chip away. A good goal for this workout is to finish 2 rounds.



Wednesday 10.23.19

Strength/Skill Work: 14 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep Push Press
*Between each set perform 6-8 Australian Ring Rows (20×1)

“Paradise Island”

2 Rounds (Partner WOD):

2 min Max D-Ball Cleans F(60/40+) P(80/60+) S(100/80+)

2 min Max Sled Push/Pull F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

2 min Max Strict Handstand Push-ups F(Push-ups)

*Rest 20 seconds between movements

WOD Tips:
– Our big focus today is the Overhead Press, which we will have in both the strength and metcon. During the strength we will be building to find a heavy 3 rep Push Press. This will come from the rack which will allow you to find a good rack position every time. The goal is to understand and feel yourself using your lower half to assist you in this press. After each set of Push Press we will perform 6-8 Australian Ring Rows to prep ourselves for the pulling we have later in the workout.
– “Paradise Island” is a partner WOD that will keep your trapped on an “island” for 2 minutes. During the two minutes we are shooting for max reps, switching on and off as much as you need or want with your partner. During the D-Ball Cleans we recommend going back and forth the entire time, picking a challenging weight for you. The sled push/pull will be a 30 ft. push, a 30 ft. pull and then you will switch off with your partner. Because you get the rest time, try to move the sled as fast as possible today. During the handstand push-ups work to complete good quality sets and switch off often. This is a movement that is hard to get back once your burn out. Between each station you will have :20 seconds of rest and transition, hitting each station twice.



Thursday 10.24.19


7 Rounds of 1 Min On/20 Off:

Min 1) 17/15 Cal Row

Min 2) 15/13 Cal Bike Erg

Min 3) 13/11 Cal Ski

*Fitness(-2 Cals on Each) Sport(+1 Cals on Each)

*Last 2 rounds are for Max Cals

WOD Tips:

-The focus today is to work on your ability to sustain a long aerobic workout, and increase your aerobic capacity. Ideally, we are using nearly the entire minute on each machine before a 20 second rest and rotation. When selecting a goal calorie number, you may want to use your first round as a gauge.  If you can complete the work in under the minute, push to keep those reps the entire workout.  We want the first 5 rounds to be challenging, but leave you enough in the tank to increase your cals in rounds 6 and 7.  The last two rounds of the workout we will forget the rep numbers, and push for max calories for these last 6 minutes of work.



Friday 10.25.19

Strength/Skill Work: Every 2:30 for 5 rounds perform 2 Back Squats @ 80-90%
*After each set perform a :30 second Ring FLR Hold

Fire Sticks”

3 Rounds of 3 minutes on/1:00 off:

250m Run S(300m)

50′ OH Walking Lunges F(Gunrack) P/S(45/35)

AMRAP Sit-ups

WOD Tips:
– Our Friday focus is going to be on the Squat. During the strength we will be using a format we used a few weeks ago on the Front Squat, now just switching it to the Back. The 80-90% should be something challenging for you to do 2 reps, but we should not be failing during this portion. You will be given plenty of time to get to your percentages, so try to stay at that weight for each of the 5 rounds. Between each set we will perform a :30 Ring FLR hold to prep the core and shoulders for the workout.
– “Fire Sticks” is a quick 3 round interval workout. Each round will start with a run that ideally takes just over a minute to complete. When you come back in from the run you will grab a plate and perform 50 ft. Overhead or Gunwalk lunges. With whatever time is remaining you will complete as many sit-ups as possible. We expect you to have about a minute of Sit-ups each round. You will be given 1 minute of rest before you start the next round.



Saturday 10.26.19
“CrossFit Open WOD 20.3”