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CrossFit Week of WODs 10.16.17

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Monday 10.16.17
“Lucky Number Slevin”
7 Min AMRAP:
2-4- 6-8..etc
Power Cleans
Lunges (Both Legs=1) RTG(Alternating Pistols)
-5 Mins Rest-
7 Min AMRAP:
2-4- 6-8..etc
Deadlifts S(115/75) RX(135/95) RTG(155/110)
Push ups S(Banded PU) RTG(Deficit Push Ups 45/25)

WOD Tips:
-“Lucky Number Slevin” will be a tough conditioning workout to start the week. The goal today is to keep the barbell light enough where you can keep it moving well
for both 7 minute pieces. The deadlifts today are meant to be REALLY light and the power cleans should be at a moderate weight. You will be using the same weight
for both movements so choose your weight based on the power cleans and understand that the deadlifts are going to be light today. This should be a weight you can
perform 10+ power cleans unbroken with when fresh. During the workout, it’s okay to go to singles to keep your intensity consistent.
-We are pairing each barbell movement with a bodyweight movement that should allow you to work different muscles and stay moving at a high intensity. For the
push ups, choose a standard that you can get 12+ reps in a row of when fresh. This will allow you to maintain a high intensity as the reps per round increases. If you
can do 20+ push ups when fresh, consider doing these at a deficit today.
-For the lunges, it will be double reps, so you will have to perform a lunge on each leg to get credit for 1 rep. If you are really good at pistols, consider doing these
today. The nice thing about the pistols is that you don’t have to do double reps, but just understand that your core will be fatigued from the power cleans, so you will
need to be pretty proficient at these.

Tuesday 10.17.17
Strength/Skill Work: Strict Chin Ups (12 Min Cap)
1 Max Unbroken Set of Strict Chin Ups
5-4- 3-2- 1 Weighted Strict Chin Ups S(5-4- 3-2- 1 Strict Pull Ups/Elevated or Weighted Ring Rows)
*After Each Set, Perform a 100 M Recovery Jog

“The Sandlot”
3 Rounds For Time: (16 Min Cap)
400 M Run S(250 M)
30 Double Unders S(15 Dubs/75 Singles)
20 Kettlebell Swings S(44/26) RX(53/35)
10 Toes to Bar S(6 T2B/10 Knees to Chest)

WOD Tips:
-Progressing off of last week’s strict pull ups, we are re-introducing weighted pull ups in today’s strength work. We will start with a benchmark set of bodyweight pull
ups, and this is an opportunity to go for a PR. From there, you can use your max set to put together a plan of attack on the weighted pull ups. If you got 10+ pull ups
in your max set, try to add weight for all 5 sets of the weighted pull ups. If you were in the 5-8 range, try to add weight to your later sets. If you were under 5, you
can start with a band and add from there. If you weren’t able to get any strict pull ups, you can work on ring rows, and progressively make them more challenging
with each set.
-“The Sandlot” should be a cardio-focused workout where the goal is to stay unbroken for the entire workout. We are looking for this workout to be around 12
minutes, or about 4 minutes per round. The double unders and toes to bar could create some issues for some athletes, so think about adjusting the reps on these 2
movements, so you don’t lose the intensity of this workout. We’d like to keep each movement to 1-2 sets at most.

Wednesday 10.18.17
Strength/Skill Work: Every 4 minutes for 4 Rounds: (Start @ 65% of your front squat max and build each round)
3 Front Squats
-rest 20 seconds-
6-8 Back Squats
-rest 2-3 minutes-
4 Rounds (Each) for Maximum Intensity: (In teams of 4-5)
5 Tuck Jumps (AFAP)
10 Plate Hops
:15 Second Max Effort Row Sprint
*Perform recovery air squats while teammate #2 goes, then rest until your turn comes up again. Score = Highest Cals/Hr you see on the monitor

WOD Tips:
-After 2 cardio-focused days, today is all about strength and power output. The strength work will be a unique challenge in that we will be doing a set of front squats
and then almost immediately going into a set of back squats. In most athletes, our back squats should be about 10-20% stronger than our front squats, so we should
still have some back squats left in the tank, even though our front squats feel fatigued. The goal for each set is to perform a challenging set of 3 front squats, and
then to “burn out” with a moderate set of back squats. You will have 4 sets to build and plenty of rest between sets. Start on the moderate side (65%) and see if you

can add weight each set. Utilize the full rest and don’t rush these today. If you are doing this properly, you will want/need the full 2-3 minutes of rest after the back
-Today’s workout is a variation of a workout that CrossFit Aerobic Capacity coach Chris Hinshaw ran us through at the Aerobic Capacity seminar we hosted a couple
months back. While CrossFit workouts are typically very intense, it’s still rare for us to perform a true all out sprint. Today is an opportunity to work on our maximal
effort, with no worries about how long we can sustain it for. Today is an opportunity to free yourself from any expectations and just go for it. Have fun with it and
see if you can tap into a speed you have never experienced before.
-The theory behind this workout is that we can prime the nervous system for an all out effort. By starting with the tuck jumps and the plate hops, we gear up the
nervous system to be explosive and fast. Once we hop on the row, our goal is to get the cals/hr to the highest possible number. It doesn’t matter if you can only hold
that number for a second or two, today is all about how high we can get that peak output. The air squats are there to show us that it’s possible to recover without
having to completely stop what we are doing. Perform these slow enough where you feel better when the set is done then when you started.

Thursday 10.19.17
Strength/Skill Work: 10-12 Minutes to Find a 1 Rep Max 50’ Sled Push (Sled push must be faster than 15 seconds to count)

“Tool Shed Ted”
3 Rounds For Max Reps and Quality:
:40 Secs of Ski for Cals
:40 Secs of Bike for Cals
:40 Secs of Side Plank Rotations (Right)
:40 Secs of Side Plank Rotations (Left)
:40 Secs of Sled Push (EMPTY)
:40 Secs of D-Ball Front Carry S(80/50) RX(100/80)
:40 Secs of Ring FLR

WOD Tips:
-Today is very similar to last Thursday’s workout, but we are starting with a fun max effort sled push for today’s strength work. Sleds are one of the most effective
ways to build strength, power, and conditioning, and to be able to do it in a fairly low impact setting. Challenge yourself to see how much weight you can push on the
sled in the 10-12 minute window. The only rule is you have to move fast enough to cover the full 50’ in under 15 seconds.
-“Tool Shed Ted” is the exact same format as last week, but with new movements thrown into the mix. Like last week, the focus is on getting a combination of some
aerobic work, and a lot of core-focused movements. If you want to push the intensity today, do it on the ski, bike, sled, and d-ball. For the side planks and ring FLR,
the goal is on quality movement and positions. Quality over quantity today.

Friday 10.20.17
“Terrible Two’s
5 X 2 Min AMRAPs
3-6 Bar Muscle ups S(4-8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups/Pull Ups)
175-Yard Shuttle Sprint (25 yards there and back, 3.5 times)
Max Reps of DB Thrusters in Remaining Time S(30/20) RX(40/25) RTG(50/35)
*2 Mins Rest Between AMRAPs. Score = Gymnastics Reps + Thruster Reps

WOD Tips:
-“Terrible Two’s” is a cool, interval format that will allow us to incorporate some high level gymnastics skills while also achieving a high level of intensity each round.
With a lot of workouts, when we do high level skills like muscle ups or chest to bar pull ups, these movements can actually take away from the intensity of the
workout, because we typically have to rest between sets in order to make sure we can execute the complex task being asked of us. What makes today’s format so
great, is that the complex skill is at the beginning of each interval, so you can complete it when you are more fresh, and then bump of the intensity as you go through
the shuttle sprints and thrusters.
-For the gymnastics movement, the goal is to keep it unbroken every single round. We also want the numbers we hit to be consistent, and would like to see no more
than a 1 rep differential between our highest round and our lowest round. For the thrusters, choose a weight that you could do at least 15+ reps unbroken with
when fresh. You will have about a minute of thrusters each round, so the cumulative fatigue will definitely catch up to you. We would rather you stay lighter and
stay moving today, then to go too heavy and get less than 10 reps per round.

Saturday 10.21.17
“The Pursuit of Happiness”
For Time: (In teams of 2)
50-40- 30-20- 10
Alternating DB Snatches S(35/25) RX(50/35) RTG(60/40)
5-4- 3-2- 1
Rope Climbs S(2-2- 2-2- 2 Rope Climbs)
*After Each Round Perform 15 Burpee Box Jump Overs S(20/16) RX(24/20)

WOD Tips:
-Today’s workout is a partner variation of this year’s first Open workout with rope climbs thrown into the mix. You and your partner can break up the reps however
you like, and all the numbers listed are totals that you have to hit together as a team. For the snatches, it would probably be best to stick with about 10 reps per
person at a time (5/arm). This will keep everyone moving at a high intensity and allow you to sustain it for a really long time. Choose a weight for the DBs that you
could do 15+ unbroken reps with when fresh.
-For the rope climbs, the RX numbers are uneven in some rounds, so figure out a plan of who should do more rope climbs. The burpee box jumps can get really spicy
in this workout, so keep these sets small. Stick to no more than 5 reps at a time on these. Just like the Open, you will have to face the box each time on the BBJO.