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CrossFit Week of WODS 1.27.20

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Monday 1.27.20
Strength/Skill: 18 minutes to build to a 1 Rep Max Squat Clean

*Between each set perform 10-12 Banded Deadbugs (Optional)

“Minute Clinic 2.0”
5 X 1 Min AMRAPs:

4 Power Cleans @ 70-80% of Strength

Max Calorie Bike Erg in Remaining Time

*1 Min Rest Between AMRAPs. Score is Weight + Cals

WOD Tips:
– After 10 weeks of progressions, we are finally to our Re-Test day. As you are jumping in weight hit some of the moderate weights multiple times until it feels good. Once you get to the heavier percentages (85%+), start taking longer breaks between the attempts! As always, if you PR, don’t forget to add it to the PR board!
– “Minute Clinic 2.0” will be a short, but very spicy finisher for the day. This will be a true 1:1 work/rest ratio, meaning that you can go all out when you are working. Each minute will start with 4 Power Cleans at a percentage of what you found in the strength. These should still look pretty even as you fatigue, and should take under :20 to complete. With whatever time is remaining, you will perform Max Calories on the Bike Erg. Your score for the day is the total number of Calories completed + the weight used on the barbell.



Tuesday 1.28.20
“Tread Water” (Repeat 6.29.19)

For Time: (25 min cap)

2,000/1,600m Row

150 Double Unders F(300 Singles)

10 Rounds of “Cindy” F(3/6/9) P(4/8/12) S(5/10/15)

WOD Tips:

– “Tread Water” is a repeat workout last completed on 6.19.19. The row should take between 8-12 minutes for most people – try to stay consistent from start to end. The double unders shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes. If we need to, modify the movement to single unders, or even double taps, but cap yourself after 3 minutes with whatever option you choose. “Cindy” will be a big chunk of today’s workout and should take about as long as the row. If these movements are weaker for you, you may choose to stick with the performance or fitness reps for today’s workout. Ideally we are finishing this workout in around 22 minutes. Be sure to check your SugarWOD for past scores before jumping into class!



Wednesday 1.29.20

Strength/Skill Work: 12 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep Push Jerk

*Between each set perform 8-10 Banded Pull-Throughs

“Russian Roulette”
For Time: (17 min cap)
800m Run
20 Russian KBS F(44/26) P(53/35) S(62/44)
10 DB Push Press F(40/25) P(50/35) S(60/45)
600m Run
20 Russian KBS
10 DB Push Press
400m Run
20 Russian KBS
10 DB Push Press

WOD Tips:
– Our focus for the day is Overhead strength, which we have hit over the last 5 weeks. During the strength we will have 12 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep Max Push Jerk. These will be coming from the rack, and you will have to hang on to the barbell, resetting at the chest, for each of the reps. Between each set we will perform 8-10 Banded Pull-Throughs to prep for the Kettlebell Swings later in the WOD.
– “Russian Roulette” is a longer chipper style workout. The big piece of this WOD is the running volume. Each time you get back to a run, the distance will be slightly shorter, so you should be able to push a little harder each time. After each of the runs you will perform 20 Russian KBS, and 10 DB Push Press. The KBS and DB Push Press should be a weight you can stay unbroken on throughout the entire workout. Like most longer workouts, come out a little slower and try to pick it up each round.



Thursday 1.30.20

“Old MacDonald”

25 minute AMRAP:
500/400m Ski

7 Tall Box Jumps
90 ft. Backwards Sled Drag (90/45)
7 Ring Body Saws
240 ft. Single Arm Farmers Carry

WOD Tips:
– “Old MacDonald is our longest workout of the week, with an aerobic and strongman focus. You may use this workout as a flush day, or if as spicy WOD if you have missed a class or two this week. The Ski should take around 2 minutes to complete, but try to hold a consistent pace each round. You may challenge the Tall Box Jumps as long as you can land above parallel each rep. The Backwards Sled Drag should be a lighter weight that allows you to move quickly. To get the most out of the Body Saws, try to move slow and controlled on each rep. Challenge the weight on the Farmers Carry as long as you can stay upright, and unbroken during the laps.



Friday 1.31.20
Strength/Skill Work
: 12 min EMOM:

Min 1: 6-8 Front Rack Lunges
Min 2: 5-10 Toes to Bar F(Toes to Rings)

“48 Hours“
12 minute AMRAP:

12 Front Squats F(75/55) P(95/65) S(115/75)

12 Burpees Over Bar
12 Australian Ring Rows (20×1)

WOD Tips:
– Today our focus is Squatting, with Lunges in the Strength, and Front Squats in the Metcon. The Lunges will be coming from the floor, but you may choose to add weight each round if technique allows. We will be pairing the lunges with Toes to Bar in the EMOM. This is the first time we have reintroduced kipping toes to bar in 10 weeks. Similar to last week with the pull-ups, the volume will be controlled. Take this as a time to practice the movement and get comfortable with them again before we start increasing volume and intensity.
– “48 Hours” will be a spicy finisher to the day. You will still have to clean the barbell up, but now we are performing Front Squats instead of the lunges from the strength. Pick a weight that you can stay unbroken for the majority of the workout. The Burpees Over the Bar should be performed laterally to keep the speed of the workout high. The Australian Ring Rows will have a slight tempo attached to them. These should be completed in 1-2 quick sets each round.



Saturday 2.1.20
“Chips & Queso”
4 Rounds For Time: (Partner WOD) (25 min cap)
40/30 Cal Bike Erg
30 Deadlifts F(135/95) P(175/115) S(205/135)
20/15 Strict Ring Dips F(Ring Push-ups) S(25 Ring Dips – Start w/ Strict RMU)

WOD Tips:
– We will be ending the week with a fun partner WOD, “Chips and Queso”. This workout will have a lot of repetitions throughout the 4 rounds, which can cause a quick burnout if they are not broken up into manageable sets. The Bike Erg should be hit at an aggressive pace, with a small calorie goal or small time goal to complete before switching partners. Avoid staying on too long. The Deadlifts should be a weight that you could perform 20+ reps unbroken with when fresh, but for the workout think about sets of 5-8 reps each time you grab the bar. Ring Dips are another easy movement to burn-out on, so break these up early. You may choose to modify these to Ring Push-ups or even start with a strict muscle-up before your dips. There is a 25 minute cap, but we expect most teams to finish around 20 minutes.