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CrossFit Programming Focus for Dec 2019 and Jan 2020

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We wanted to create a short blog post for those of you who are interested in where the CrossFit programming is headed in the upcoming weeks/months.

Over the years, we have found that it works really well to focus on 3-5 exercises or types of workouts over the course of an 8-12 week period, while still sticking to CrossFit’s “constantly varied” method.

During the next 10 weeks we will have 3 BIG focuses that will mold to your weekly WODs.  As always, we would love your feedback after reading this blog OR tackling the workouts in class to help us continue improving for you.  

And we should point out that this is specifically for CrossFit, not BeachFit.

  1. Clean Progression: Our BIG focus for the next 10 weeks is going to be the Squat Clean, with the main goal of improving technique and increasing your 1 rep max. The 10 Week Cycle will be split in half. The first 5 weeks will be technique focused, with the back 5 weeks being heavier squat clean focused. We understand that there is a divide between athletes current strengths and weaknesses. The biggest weaknesses that we found on our test-in day were: 1. Not being able to get under the bar with proper technique, or 2. Not having the leg strength to stand up once under the bar. Each week we will have detailed technique work, but will be adding in weekly squatting as well for those that need the extra strength. For example – one of our weeks will have a lighter Position 1 Squat Clean on Monday, and a heavy Back Squat Wave on Friday. It is very important that we stay within our percentages as we continue building – it will get heavy.
  2. Repeated Formats: We will be repeating a few different formats over the coming weeks. One format that will be sticking around is the Thursday format we have been using as of recently (EMOM -> For Time). These may alternate days from Wednesday or Thursday but we will have them weekly. The main focus of these workouts are to help understand how to find a pace and leave enough in the tank to hit the For Time hard. This is the reason for pretty substantial rep ranges attached to these workouts. The EMOM shouldn’t be easy, but you should know that you can push even harder during the For Time portion. You can also use the first round of the EMOM to find the numbers that you want to try and stick to. A good rule of thumb is to be done at :45-50 seconds on the EMOM.
    The next format that will be coming is a slower paced strength focused EMOM. This past Monday (11.25) is an example. During this EMOM we will fit in our weekly clean technique work, and also add in some strict gymnastics. The idea here is obvious… not every workout needs to be, nor should be, for time. This is a perfect day to slow down and commit to getting stronger.
  3. Strict Gymnastics: NO KIP ZONE. Everything you have heard is true, for the next few months we will be taking a break from all kipping: Pull-ups, TTB, Dips, etc. will all be strict. Our goal during this time is to build a very strong base of strength, or even the prerequisite strength needed to keep you healthy in kipping movements. Most days will have built in “tests” to the day (ex. 5 Tempo Strict Push-ups). Depending on the results, this could determine the path you take in the strength and/or metcon. For example, if you can’t do 3 GREAT strict Pull-ups on a coaches call, you will be working on Pull-up Negatives, Chin Over Bar Holds, etc. The main focus will be on gymnastics, but will also have strict accessory work to go along with it – Presses, Rows, etc. If you have been dealing with any nagging injuries, this can be a very beneficial few weeks.