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Counting the Days Vs. Making the Days Count

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Counting the Days Vs. Making the Days Count (Day 23)

(This is an email from our Superhuman40 Challenge.  We wanted to give you peeks into the Challenge throughout the 40 days so that it might inspire you to take on our next one, or change something for the better right here, right now.)

Hey Superhuman Squad,

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” -Muhammad Ali

We are just past the halfway mark of our challenge. You could be counting the days down to 40 with hopes for it to end faster, or you could be hoping time slows down so you can maximize every minute of your transformation. I want you to be inspired by the fact you’ve made all this progress in your health in 22 days, and you still get 18 more to escalate your transformation.

It’s no accident I’m sending you this on a Wednesday. “Hump day” is ubiquitously known as the day we start counting down towards the weekend. There’s no better time to start changing our mindset around day counting than today.

It seems pretty harmless to count down days, right? Do you find yourself counting down the days until your day off, or summer, or family vacation, or retirement?

Here’s a grim thought; What if you knew which day would be your last here on Earth? Would you want a clock counting down those years, days, and minutes?

Let’s say you have another 30 years to live from today, no more, no less. When you put that on a countdown clock it’s going to seem like a long time, and it is. But what should scare you a little is that it’s a finite time, and is less with every day. Those minutes ticking off the clock don’t get put back on. Once they are gone, they are gone.

That should scare you, and excite you, and motivate you to do more. It should inspire you that time is precious, and shouldn’t be squandered. No matter if that time is at work, in a diet challenge, wherever.

Becoming a parent was the first time in my life I consciously made this switch from counting days to making them count. When you have a baby, it’s easy to want the time to go by faster. “I can’t wait until we can sleep again…It will be a great day when I don’t have to change another diaper…I can’t wait until our next family vacation.”

I remember coming across a blog post by a fellow parent that helped me realize there’s always a last time for everything in your child’s life so you better cherish every moment. There is going to be a last time your baby breast feeds or a last time you give them a bottle. There will be a last time they crawl, and a last time they use their jumper. There will be a last time you carry them up the stairs, and a last time they wear their favorite pajamas.

What I’ve realized since, now that my son is 4 and my daughter is 2, is that nobody tells you when that last time will be. Nobody warns you that you have 5 more times of rocking your son to sleep before he’s too big to do so anymore. Nobody warns you that this is the last time your daughter will fit into her favorite dress.

Now when I’m holding my almost 40-pound son and my arms are about to fall off and I want to say something like “I can’t hold you forever,” I instead say to myself, “I can’t hold you forever.” And squeeze that boy even tighter.

For most people that’s a sad thought, and I apologize if I evoked some somber emotions. But I want you to be motivated by time. Be motivated that you only have so much time here in your physical body. Be motivated that you only get one body.

Be motivated that you still have 18 days of your challenge left to maximize your transformation. And a lifetime of a new level of health to enjoy thereafter.

Fortunately, when it comes to your health, you have the ability to put minutes back on your clock. You not only get to add minutes, but you can add a much higher quality of life to those minutes.

Think about something you formerly thought you were done doing. What is something you thought you already had your “last time” at? If you can give yourself another chance to do that thing again by improving your health, would you do it? If you have something, write it down, and make a plan to do that thing within the next year.

You should be able to do the things you love to do for as long as you want to do them. Don’t let wasted time or declining health get in the way of that.

Keep Living Superhuman,