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Congrats New Band Level Athletes!

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“Just Show Up.”

Most gyms don’t care if you show up. They only care if that monthly fee is paid.

Not us, we want you to show up. We reward our athletes for the number of workouts or WODs they’ve performed.

These athletes below all achieved a new Committed Club Level and will be receiving their new bands (and extra gifts) in class.

Congrats athletes!

750 WODs 

Johanna Rodriguez

500 WODs

Michelle Hendee

Trina McLaughlin

Brandee Powers

Brendon Williams

Monica Caday

Denise Mojica

Jennifer King

Matthew Fredericks

Ann Pace

Lauren Manegio

Beth Bradley

300 WODs

Gina Galiano

Jessica Leone

Alan McGee

Jack Laurendeau Jr.

“Seabass” Sebastian

Travis Webster

Marcella Samson

Warren Cleveland

Clint Cobia

Adam Bunce

Randi Kidd

100 WODs

Coleman Prendergast

Matt Lynskey

Ron Rigaudon

Katherine Shattow

Lisa Goodkin

Chava Chaitin

Courtney Burg

Aura Acosta

Tim Corrigan

Stacy Bauer

Sam Visnich

Nancy Rizzuto

Michael Brown

Myles Rowley

Nicole Benz

Megan Barclay