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Committed Club for the Year 2017

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Congratulations to the 27 members that made the Committed Club EVERY month for the entire year of 2017!! You guys have all earned a special edition CFPB Committed Club shirt.

 Allison Waldman
 Anthony Utter
 Brett Noll
 Christi Bartelme
 Hilary Anderson
 Holly Barnhart
 Jeff Anderson
Jen Eisenman
 Jennifer Eppert
 Johanna Rodriguez
 Jonel Isip
 Juan Gonzalez
 Katelyn (Katie) Noll
 Katy Martin
 Laura Spalding
 Lauren King
 Melissa Dixon
 Mike Seminerio
 Mike Anthony
 Nicole McLaurin
 Pamela Li
 Patrick Collins
 Renee Booth
 Shannon Frezza
 Stephen Walker
 Taylor Reeves
 Tracey Stegh

We will be announcing the winners for December, the 4th quarter and the grand prizes for the year winners!!

***If you feel that you are supposed to be on this list and you are missing, please let Mugs know  and she will double check your attendance for the year!!***