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Committed Club 2018!

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Drumroll please…

Here are the members we have on file as checked in 15+ times a month for ALL 12 MONTHS of 2018. We know there are many dedicated athletes who signed up during the year who are not on this list, but these are the select few who dedicated all of 2018 to their fitness. If you still aren’t sure what the Committed Club is now is the time to get serious! No better time to start than the first month of the year.


Allison Waldman
Amy Mattessich
Brett Noll
Buddy Frezza
Cathy Spicer
Chantelle Dufresne
Chris Wall
Christi Bartelme
Christina Kenny
Christine Curran
Elizabeth Martin
Ganesh Swaminathan
Hilary Anderson
Holly Barnhart
Lily Harrold
Jason Santoiemma
Jeff Anderson
Jen Eisenman
Jena Bymaster
Jennifer King
Johanna Rodriguez
John (JJ) Hoecker
John Mattessich
Juan Gonzalez
Katie Noll
Katy Richardson
Kelly McCabe
Kelly Schwarz
Kenneth Cohen
Kyle Cundy
Laura Spalding
Laura Walther
Lauren Anthony
Lauren King
Madison Jones
Marcy Lantzy
Mark Makens
Marti Giambruno
Melissa Dixon
Michelle Hendee
Mike Seminerio
Mike Anthony
Nathan Mohseni
Nicole Mincey
Pamela Li
Patrick Collins
Pedro Silvestre
Peter Bosco
Rachel Mohseni
Remi Stephenson
Robby Grove
Sam Kirby
Shannon Frezza
Steve Walker
Tara Chernekoff
Taylor Reeves
Tony Frezza
Tracey Stegh
Trina Mclaughlin
Zach Rossetti
Zach Summers